Kate Middleton Rumors: Duchess Kate Could Become Queen As Elizabeth Plans On Stepping Down

Kate Middleton could become Queen of England much sooner than expected, with a new rumors that Queen Elizabeth II may be abdicating the throne and passing over Prince Charles.

The report claims that the 89-year-old Queen Elizabeth II is ready to end her reign after having just taken on the title of longest-serving British monarch. But the rumor claims that Kate Middleton and Prince William will be the ones rising to the throne, not the next-in-line Prince Charles.

“They’re stunned,” a palace source told OK! magazine (via Hollywood Life). “The idea of having Charles step aside for the good of the monarchy had been whispered about, but they never believed it would happen …When Kate found out, the first thing she did was call her mum and dad. They are absolutely overwhelmed.”

There are some serious doubts to the rumor, however. Kate Middleton is just 33, as is Prince William, and Queen Elizabeth II has been known to take royal traditions very seriously. Skipping over Prince Charles would seem out of the question, many insiders claim.

Duchess Kate has been a popular target for rumors. Reports of her and Prince William ascending to the British throne have circulated a few times over the last several months, as well as reports of their plans to add more children.

Kate Middleton faced rumors of a second pregnancy for several months before she actually announced she was expecting another child, and already there are new reports that she’s considering a third child.

Celeb Dirty Laundry reported that Duchess Kate is “already making plans for a third royal baby,” though Prince William reportedly has reservations.

“Prince William fears pregnancy complications and another round of post-partum depression. The Duke of Cambridge is hesitant when it comes to having a third baby with the Duchess, and might even be worried Kate’s rush to get pregnant again may be for the wrong reasons.”

“The Duchess of Cambridge is currently 33, and has had a long-standing plan to have 3 children by the time she is 35. Royal insiders and those close to Kate and William all agreed that Princess Charlotte wouldn’t be the last child the royal couple had. India Hicks, cousin of Prince Charles, assured People, Charlotte wouldn’t be the last of Kate and William’s children.”

The latest rumors about Kate Middleton and Prince William taking over the British throne are equally thin. OK! magazine uses only unnamed sources in the story, and several royal family experts seem to disagree.

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