Tim Tebow Rumors: NFL Hopes Likely Dashed After Tebow's Release From Philadelphia Eagles

Tim Tebow tried once again this summer to live out his dream of being an NFL quarterback, but rumors indicate that the former Heisman Trophy winner may be done for good this time after being cut by the Philadelphia Eagles.

Tebow was a surprise pickup this offseason, with coach Chip Kelly signing the former Denver Broncos quarterback after he had spent two seasons out of the league. Many expected Tebow to be simply a "camp arm" who could take pressure off the injured Sam Bradford during training camp and the preseason, but Tebow appeared to slowly climb up the depth chart.

Last weekend it looked as if Tim Tebow had secured a roster spot on the Eagles. The team traded Matt Barkley, who was competing with Tebow for the third quarterback slot, seemingly ensuring Tebow a place on the team. But instead the Eagles cut Tebow in the move down to 53 players.

Though Tim Tebow has not said one way or the other whether he would try again in the NFL, rumors indicate that this is the end of the road. His last two stops were with some of the league's most creative minds -- Bill Belichick in New England and Chip Kelly in Philadelphia -- but Tebow ended up being cut both times.

"If he can't play for a coach as smart and open-minded as Chip Kelly, in a Philadelphia Eagles offense made for quarterbacks who can move, on a team that seemed to truly want him to succeed, Tebow's NFL career may be truly over this time," wrote Tom Pelissero of USA Today.

Chip Kelly was especially blunt in his assessment of Tebow as well, saying he was simply not good enough, even for third string.

"We felt Tim has progressed, but we didn't feel he was good enough to be the (No.) 3 right now. He really improved his throwing motion from when he was throwing a couple of years ago. He worked extremely hard on it and deserves a lot of credit for that. I talked to him a little earlier (Saturday) when we released him."

"He just needs to get more playing time. Get out there and get actual reps. Because he has done a ton on his own from an individual basis, but it is about taking that next step and playing (in) the game."

But now it seems likely that Tebow will never have a chance to get more reps.

Even though rumors indicate his NFL career is over, Tim Tebow won't be far from the game he loves, Sports Illustrated noted. After being cut by the Eagles he made his return to the SEC Network, where he works as an analyst.

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