Remee Sleep Mask Allows You To Control Your Dreams [Video]

Lucid dreaming is not a common occurrence for most slumbering people, yet two 30-year-old investors have created a sleep mask they claim can make your dreams a reality or at least controllable. Known as the Remee Sleep Mask the gadget uses specially timed LED lights to notify you of your dreams.

According to the inventors the mask contains six red LED lights that are bright enough to grab your brains attention but not bright enough to wake you up as you sleep.

As your brain realizes the red lights are flashing during REM sleep you are suddenly aware of your dreams and therefore able to control them.

According to the inventors the ability to lucid dream is not easy to realize and therefore the mask likely will not work every single time you put it on.

While the idea of controlling your dreams might sound far fetched a lot of people are already on-board with a Kickstarter page raking in $572,891 for a product that originally requested just $35,000 in funding.

The money raised comes from more than 6,000 backers who want to try out the $95 Remee sleep make for themselves.

The Remee sleep mask starts shipping in July and if it doesn’t work at least buyers will have a cool new psychedelic sleep mask to wear while they sleep.

In the meantime here is a video from Kickstarter which explains the Remee sleep mask in more detail:

Have you taken the bait and signed up for a Remee sleep mask of your very own?