Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Who Is The Starting Running Back For Week One Vs. New York Giants?

The Dallas Cowboys are through the preseason and now ready for the 2015 NFL season opener against the New York Giants on Sunday Night Football. Tony Romo and the rest of the team are ready to get things underway, but one big question remains and everyone is wondering who will be the starting running back. Do the Cowboys even know?

ESPN is reporting that the Cowboys have not even chosen a starting running back for week one yet, and the game is less than five days away. It is said that the coaching staff probably has a plan laid out and in place, but it looks like running back by committee is going to be the path they take.

It’s not like there aren’t options on the team and all with veteran qualities about them:

Joseph Randle
Darren McFadden
Lance Dunbar
Christine Michael

Michael is the newest addition to the squad as the Cowboys acquired him via trade just this past week. He likely won’t get the start this week, but could in the future if the Cowboys go with a “platoon system” throughout the season.

Pro Football Talk says that Randle is at the top of the depth chart, but injuries kept him on the sidelines for most of the preseason. The same can be said for Darren McFadden, but injuries are nothing new to him and his career at all.

Even though the Cowboys allowed the league’s leading rusher in DeMarco Murray to walk away in the offseason, executive vice-president Stephen Jones has confidence in this group.

“I think all the pieces are there. There’s a lot of different ways to be successful in the running game.”

If the Cowboys are going to be successful in the running game, then they are going to need production out of all their backs. Even more than that, they will need their running backs to stay healthy and on the field.

Replacing someone with the talent, skill, and numbers of DeMarco Murray is no easy task and it’s obvious the Cowboys couldn’t find one player to do that. They’re hoping that multiple backs will be able to put up the same production and be insurance for each other.

The Dallas Cowboys are prepped and ready to open the 2015 NFL season against the New York Giants, but their starting running back is still a mystery. It’s going to be interesting to see who gets the starting nod and just how long he plays before another back steps in.

[Image via Getty Images – Tom Pennington]