Rebecca Salcedo Cleland: ‘Snapped: She Made Me Do It’ Profiles Sexy Latina Who Masterminded Fatal Carjacking Of Virgin Bachelor

The Rebecca Cleland, Bruce Cleland 1997 murder-for-hire case will be profiled on Snapped: She Made Me Do It. Oxygen’s new show is a spin off of Snapped Killer Couples, and the original show, Snapped. Tonight’s She Made Me Do It focuses on seductive women who have the power to get a man to do anything they want — and that includes murdering people. The new crime television series will air several episodes for one hour, with each episode featuring another ruthless female mastermind.

The case of Rebecca Cleland fits the bill. She is the sexy Latina who seduced a virgin bachelor into marrying her so that she could take all of his money. Investigators say that’s exactly what she did. By all accounts, Bruce Cleland was a nice, shy man who had little to no experience with women. Things turned around for him when he met the sultry Rebecca Salcedo, a spice clerk who worked at a local market. Friends and family members say that he was struck by her beauty, her smile, her body, and her overly friendly personality, according to the Whittier Daily News.

It was the first time that such a pretty woman had paid him so much attention. There was only one problem: he was a virgin. But he was reassured by Rebecca that his lack of sexual experience was not an issue, and that the two should get married before having sex. Bruce was excited to marry Rebecca. People who attended the wedding say they both looked so happy — especially Bruce. His mother wasn’t as excited. But despite her reservations, she tried to be happy for Bruce.

What should have been a happy time quickly turned to disaster after the couple’s honeymoon flopped. Rebecca Cleland told anyone who would listen that Bruce was not good in the bed, and that he was completely clueless about sex. During the honeymoon, Rebecca began making plans to hook up with other men for sex just as soon as she returned home.

Bruce Cleland thought that Rebecca was a nice girl. The truth was that she was a needy, greedy woman who had lesbian sex romps and engaged in threesomes with both men and women. Even when Rebecca had started mistreating him and demanded a divorce so that she could take half of all that he was worth, Bruce told people that he didn’t want to divorce her.

On the last night of his life, he was so excited to be meeting with Rebecca to discuss getting back together. Still, his mother could tell by the look on her son’s face that he was puzzled and worried about the reunion. According to the Los Angeles Times, he had great reason to worry.

As the couple drove home from dinner, a man jumped out of the bushes and shot and killed Bruce Cleland in what is being called a fake carjacking and robbery. Investigators learned that the two Hispanic males were connected to Rebecca Cleland. Prosecutors say that Rebecca signed Bruce’s death warrant when he failed to give her a divorce and more money. So instead, she concocted a plan to kill her husband for the insurance money.

Today, she is serving out a life sentence in prison, as well as her accomplices Alvaro “Al” Quezada and Jose “Joe” Quezada. (It is rumored that Joe was eventually murdered in prison.) Tune in to Snapped: She Made Me Do It tonight at 10/9 central on Oxygen. In a previous article, the Inquisitr reported on an episode of Snapped Killer Couples: The Suzie Newsome, Fritz Klenner case.

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