Amy Duggar Stages ‘Send-Off’ For Other Duggars Before Dancing, Drinking, And Riding Off On Motorcycle After Wedding

Amy Duggar’s wedding was held this weekend, where even Anna Duggar made an appearance following the Josh Duggar scandal. “Cousin Amy” wed Dillon King at Horton Farms in Arkansas, where Jim Bob, Michelle, and the whole Duggar clan (minus Josh) were present. Reports indicate that Amy was able to have the wedding of her dreams while still respecting her uncle and his family’s more conservative values. Here are a few of the special concessions that Amy made for the Duggar family as they attended her country wedding.

Entertainment Tonight reports that in true Duggar fashion, Amy Duggar wed her fiance, Dillon King, after just two months of engagement. The pair held their wedding at the Horton Farms in Arkansas with Jim Bob and the whole Duggar clan. Josh Duggar, however, was absent and is reportedly in rehab for a sex addiction. Though Amy is also a conservative Christian, like her uncle Jim Bob, she does not adhere to the same strict standards as her cousins. Amy opted for a strapless dress, a reception that included dancing, alcohol, and a less traditional send-off on the back of a motorcycle. Despite her more modern approach to her wedding reception, Amy was sure to take her extended family’s values into consideration in the planning of her wedding.

It was noted that Amy separated her uncle Jim Bob and his family in various tables across the room, seated together. Amy says she felt that the Duggar family may want some privacy while eating and that she wanted them to feel as comfortable as possible during the reception.

“With everything that’s gone on, Amy wanted to give them some separation so they’d feel comfortable.”

It was also noted that Amy opted for a full-service bar at the reception, but she didn’t want her more conservative family members to feel out-of-place. Therefore, she had a table full of fruit-infused waters for guests who did not want to partake in an alcoholic beverage. It is also known that the Duggar family is opposed to dancing. However, Amy Duggar enjoys dancing. Therefore, she opted for a staged “send-off” to signal that the atmosphere at the party was about to change. This allowed the Duggar family and older guests to leave the party early before the dancing, drinking, and eventual “official” motorcycle send-off took place.

“She and Dillon staged a ‘send-off’ to signify a change in atmosphere for the rest of the evening, after which most of the Duggar clan and elderly wedding guests left. The bride then changed into a rose-gold dress for dancing, and the party began! One of Arkansas’ top DJs got guests on the dance floor from his balcony post in the barn.”

People Magazine reports that Anna Duggar also made her first public appearance since her husband’s cheating scandal at the wedding and offered the newlywed Duggar her best wishes.

What do you think of the subtle changes Amy Duggar made to ensure her extended family felt comfortable at her wedding?

[Image Credit: Instagram]