‘Scandal’ Season 5 Spoilers: Oliva & Fitz Relationship Ruined By Jake, Steamy Scenes Revealed

Scandal Season 5 is approaching quickly, and everyone wants to hear the latest spoilers about Olivia Pope and President Fitz. When last we saw the two, they were hooking up at the White House after Fitz fired Cyrus and kicked Mellie out, but will these two finally have their happy ending?

According to the International Business Times, Olivia and Fitz will have their fair share of steamy scenes in Scandal Season 5. Allegedly, a scene from an upcoming episode was leaked online showing the couple getting hot and heavy. However, will their passionate bliss last?

Christian Today reports that Olivia’s former boyfriend Jake Ballard may be back with a vengeance and ruin everything that the couple took so long to get back to. Scandal creator Shonda Rhimes reveals that Jake will be causing some trouble in Season 5 and may not end well.

“Jake goes on a journey that might destroy everything.”

Meanwhile, Olivia will be conflicted, as usual. Her life has been a constant roller coaster since meeting Fitz and falling head over heels in love with the man she helped become President of the United States. She’s in love with Fitz, she’s worried about Jake, her friends’ lives are spiraling, and her father is in jail, but no forgotten. Papa Pope could very well be back in action sooner than expected or have someone working for him while he’s behind bars. Rowan’s wrath is likely just beginning.

“Olivia finds that every single thing about her life has changed in unexpected ways.”

Perhaps another shocking Scandal Season 5 spoiler could be that Fitz and Mellie’s relationship won’t last, even for professional reasons. Will the couple finally give it up, throw in the towel and finally get a divorce?

“Cyrus no longer working in the White House… Mellie is no longer living in the White House, Jake said he was walking away… Quinn was thinking about killing Huck…. We pick up right there in that environment,” Rhimes said, adding that the Fitz-Mellie divorce is a possibility in season 5.

Could there be more drama on the show right now? It seems that tensions are higher than they ever have been before, and if Fitz does want to divorce Mellie and possibly marry Olivia, would she be up to the challenge of being the First Lady of the United States, or would she decline a marriage in order to continue doing her risky, high-profile job?

What are your thoughts on the latest Scandal Season 5 spoilers?

[Photo Credit: ABC]