3G Support For FaceTime Revealed In iOS Warning Messages [VIDEO]

Apple’s iDevices that run on cellular networks, the iPad and iPhone, will soon be getting 3G cellular support for FaceTime video calls according to Apple rumor website iDevice. FaceTime, the video calling app that runs on iPads, iPod Touches, iPhones and Macs, currently only works when the device on which the app is running is connected to a wifi signal. Apple has been concerned that users of iPhones will experience bad quality video calls, with jerky video and laggy audio, should the devices be able to make such calls over the cellular 3G data network.

The late Steve Jobs was quoted as saying that the mobile carriers had stated that they did not want FaceTime to operate over their networks. However, such video chatting services such as Skype do work over the networks without much issue.

However, iDevice reported, an error message that pops up in iOS 5.1.1 running on iPhones states that “disabling 3G may end FaceTime.” This error occurs when users go into their iPhone’s settings menu and disable their iPhone’s 3G connectivity.

“In addition,” Amog.com noted, “the iOS also displays another warning message when a user turns the 3G back on. But the same with turning off the connection, it won’t interrupt the FaceTime video call over Wi-Fi.”

While the warning message does seem to indicate that a future version of iOS for your 3G/4G iPad and iPhone will include such a 3G enabled FaceTime calls, you currently cannot get FaceTime to work over 3G without jail-breaking your iDevice.

Let’s hope it appears on the new 4-inch screened iPhone 5.