Kate Middelton Is Pregnant With Baby #3 — Rumors Claim Duchess Of Cambridge Is Expecting

Even though Princess Charlotte is only 4-months-old, rumors that Kate Middleton is pregnant continue to intensify, and many are wondering if the Duchess of Cambridge is already expecting baby number three.

As crazy as it may sound, several sites are reporting that Kate Middleton is pregnant with her third baby, just as she gets ready to resume her royal duties following Charlotte’s birth in May. Of course, these are rumors at this point, and nobody — other than the Duchess of Cambridge and husband Prince William — knows the truth.

The gossip website Hollywood Life reportedly has “royal insider” sources telling them Kate Middleton got pregnant so soon after the birth of her second child because she wants to have four kids before she turns 35, which doesn’t happen until January 2017. That would leave her plenty of time to get adjusted to being a new mommy again.

“Kate grew up with two siblings, so she likes the idea of having another soon. But to be honest, she doesn’t want to stop there and has talked about having 4 children before she’s all done.”

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Whether Kate Middleton is pregnant or not, she is set to resume her royal duties in the next few weeks, which includes an appearance at the opening ceremony of the Rugby World Cup, the Daily Mail reports. She is expected to attend with her husband, Prince William.

According to the report, Kate enjoyed spending the summer with Charlotte and her firstborn, Prince George, but she is ready to get back to work and get out of the house. The Duchess of Cambridge has been seen out on a few occasions, such as Princess Charlotte’s christening, but she has remained mostly out of the limelight. Kate also missed the recent wedding of a friend, as reported by the Inquisitr.

If Kate Middleton is pregnant, we will soon know since her earlier pregnancies have not gone smoothly from the get go. If she is indeed in the early stages, this is when her acute morning sickness, hyperemesis gravidarum, is at its worst.

When Kate Middleton was pregnant with Prince George, she was hospitalized because of the morning sickness, which forced the royal couple to announce the pregnancy earlier than they intended. The same was the case with Princess Charlotte, and even though Kate was able to deal with the hyperemesis gravidarum at home, she was forced to cancel several public appearances, which also meant we also found out sooner than expected.

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