September 8, 2015
'American Horror Story: Hotel' — Lady Gaga Shocks Castmates And Crew With Explicit Sex Scenes

Lady Gaga has been shaking things up on the set of American Horror Story: Hotel. In fact, according to Entertainment Weekly, the singer went to extreme lengths during an explicit sex scene that was recently filmed in Los Angeles.

The scene in question involved a foursome between Gaga, Matt Bomer, and another couple residing in the hotel for the night. Bomer is playing the role of Gaga's lover, named Donovan. Of course, a foursome isn't a typical love affair in American Horror Story, and Gaga and Bomer manage to kill their companions with chain-mail gloves equipped with razors.

In speaking about Gaga and her first days of filming, Ryan Murphy explained how the singer is different from any other actress he has ever encountered.

"She's the only actress I think I've worked with who wanted to do more explicit stuff than was written," Murphy stated regarding Gaga. "You write a foursome for her and you expect a lot of questions. She never did that."

Instead, Gaga showed up in her typical style, ready for work and willingly to push the limits.

"She showed up and she was wearing diamond pasties, a Band-Aid on her hoo-ha, heels, and a black veil that Alexander McQueen made for her on the day before his death... Then the crew gasped in delight and we were off!"
Apparently, Gaga ramped things up during the scene and "writhed around on the bed like a famished animal," which managed to shock some of her fellow stars.

Gaga will be playing the Countess in the new season of the horror show. The Countess is the manager of the hotel, named Hotel Cortez, in Los Angeles. In addition to a flair for fancy art and lavish spending, Gaga's character also has an unusual sexual appetite.

For her part, Gaga revealed that she doesn't want to hold anything back in her role on the hit horror show. "I walked in on my first day and I was like, 'I am going to give all of myself,' " Gaga said.

Meanwhile, Gaga's presence on set has added a new energy to the production and even attracted the likes of John Travolta, who is working with Murphy on American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson.

American Horror Story: Hotel is set to hit the small screens on October 7 on FX.

[Image Courtesy: Anthony Harvey / Getty Images]