Dex Osama Killed: Detroit Rapper Killed In Shooting Outside Strip Club

Dex Osama, a rapper from Detroit, was killed in a shooting Monday morning.

According to Click On Detroit, authorities identified the shooting victim as 26-year-old local rapper Dex Osama, whose real name is Byron Cox. He was shot outside of a Detroit strip club in the early morning hours over Labor Day weekend.

The shooting occurred at approximately 1:30 a.m. on Monday outside of the Crazy Horse trip club. After being shot in the chest and in the stomach, Osama ran to a nearby gas station for help.

A witness to the shooting, Jay Sareini, said he tried to save Dex by applying pressure to his wounds.

“So I’m sitting there applying pressure… and he’s talking to me,” Sareini said. “He’s alive, he’s talking to me. ‘Please don’t let me die, please don’t let me,’ grabbing on to me.”

Sareini said he died quickly, and kept telling him he was cold.

” ‘I’m cold, I’m cold, don’t let me die,’ ” Sareini said that Dex Osama said. ” ‘Lift me up, I can’t breathe,’ cause he’s a big boy. He was on his back.”

While the owner of the club thought the argument had originally started inside, apparently the gunman was waiting outside of the club for Dex to leave.

Dex Osama Dead at 26: Up-and-Coming Rapper Shot, Killed in Detroit – #GistToday

— Gist Today (@GistToday) September 8, 2015

“The camera showed Dex actually being shot down the street and running to the gas station,” said Freddy Abdullah, from Crazy Horse.

Dex had recently been signed by Nicki Minaj’s boyfriend, Meek Mill, who posted a touching tribute to the up-and-coming rapper on Instagram.

“D*** RIP YOUNGIN….. Had a lot of talks with you about getting out them streets and chasing ya dreams! I really believed in you and seen you putting on for Detroit! RIP @dex_osama for all my fellow young kings coming up tryna make it out, take ya time and think about where you want ya life to go! MAY GOD BLESS HIS SOUL! Never let them streets shatter ya dreams!!!” Mill wrote alongside a picture of him and Osama.

Dex had a fairly large following, especially on social media. Most of his songs were about growing up on the streets in Detroit. One of his most popular songs was titled “Death on Me,” where he raps about his mother’s views on the way he was living, according to Billboard.

“My mama said I got death on me / The reason why I got this vest on me / These n****s want me then come get me / I ain’t hiding n***a I’m in the city.”

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