Amy Duggar/King Says Leaving Her Family Name Behind Is ‘A Relief’

Amy Duggar recently tied the knot to her husband Dillon King and says it is “a relief” to leave her family name “Duggar” behind.

Amy and Dillon married on Sunday night, and now Amy is going by Amy King. Many women incorporate their maiden name into their new name, but not Amy. She said leaving the Duggar name behind makes her feel like the “stress is gone.”

“It’s a relief,” she told Entertainment Tonight during an exclusive interview. “It feels like the stress is gone. I don’t have to be perfect anymore. I don’t have to worry about wearing long skirts. And I got to marry my best friend!”

Amy and Dillon were surrounded by hundreds of their friends and family members at their country-chic wedding at Horton Farms, near Bentonville, Arkansas. Amy’s extended family, including her uncle and aunt, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, formerly of TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting, and their children were in attendance, along with her cousin-in-law Anna Duggar. Anna and Josh’s 5-year-old daughter, Mackynzie, was one of her flower girls, along with her young Duggar cousins Johanna, Jordyn, Jennifer, and Josie, according to People Magazine.

“I gave Anna a huge hug,” Amy said. “I gave my Aunt Michelle a huge hug. And I got them gifts to make them feel welcome — I gave Anna a gift card to get her nails done — she deserves to pamper herself. I gave Aunt Michelle a gift certificate to her favorite restaurant. We’re really thankful they came.”

Anna’s husband, Amy’s cousin Josh Duggar, was not there. He is reportedly still seeking treatment at a facility after he revealed his porn and sex addictions when the world discovered he had a paid Ashley Madison account. Dillon, not afraid to speak his mind, revealed his thoughts on the Josh Duggar scandal.

“You don’t just surf the Internet and decide to randomly open an Ashley Madison account,” he said. “Josh consciously made the decision to cheat. Anna should leave him. People talk about the Biblical aspect of all this — read Matthew. It talks about how adultery is the one reason to divorce. Josh did it, and I’m going to guess he did it multiple times.”

While Amy hasn’t come out and said she thinks Anna should leave Josh, she did say she may need to take some time away to think.

“I do think Anna should take some time out to think about how she feels without everyone around,” she said.

[Photo via Twitter]