WWE News: Bret ‘Hit Man’ Hart Says The Kliq Was A Cancer In WWE – Rips Members Of The Group

The Kliq is known as one of the strongest factions in all of wrestling history that was never actually called as such on television. A new DVD has been released by WWE called The Kliq Rules, and it details the history of the group and its five members as they paved the way through WCW and WWE. Well, Bret “Hit Man” Hart is a legend himself and he says that The Kliq was actually a “cancer.”

Hart was a gues and ts this week on The Law and spoke about a number of things including the death of Rowdy Roddy Piper and his brother’s Owen Hart’s upcoming DVD. One of the other things he spoke about was the group known as The Kliq.

For those not aware, it was a group that consisted of Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and Sean Waltman aka X-Pac aka The Kid. Their new DVD is out now, and well, Bret Hart doesn’t care much for it or them.

“They were literally a cancer in the dressing room, all of them. I don’t doubt that Shawn Michaels is sorry for a lot of that kind of behavior. Kevin Nash was a great wrestler and a good guy, but I don’t think he could be that proud of that association. It was a cancerous environment in the dressing room with those guys and they certainly did more negative than positive to the business. “

He’s not the only person to ever speak out about The Kliq and the power they held in both WWE and WCW back in the ’90s and early/mid ’00s. It was believed that they would have run forever in WWE if the money had been there, but it wasn’t for Kevin Nash and Scott Hall so they left.

It’s Scott Hall that got the biggest rip from Bret Hart when he began speaking about The Kliq.

“Scott Hall, all you have to do is just look at him. He’s a train-wreck with his own life and he was a malcontent, or a guy that when you were close to him long enough you start to feel the same way he did; you just felt so self-destructive and unhappy with your life and your job and everything. He was a guy that was infectious with his bad, bad sort of moods and unhappiness in his own life that would spread to all the other wrestlers.”

Scott Keith of Inside Pulse reviewed The Kliq Rules and there is apparently a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff discussed by the five members of the group. They talk about the control they had over both promotions and how things were back in those days.

Bret Hart was in both promotions throughout his career, and he wants to be remembered for other things…better things. Hart is actually happy that he won’t be remembered in the same way that The Kliq will be, and he’s sure other wrestlers are as well.

“And you know, I’m glad I’m not remembered for that kind of stuff. I’m remembered – I think if you talk to different wrestlers from that era, the Savio Vegas and those kinds of wrestlers that were on my cards – they’re all pretty proud of how I conducted myself, how I related to them and how I may have been the top guy but I didn’t act like a superstar; not to my friends and not to my peers.”

Some say that The Kliq paved the way for greatness and were at one point, one of the strongest groups in the history of wrestling. It’s obvious now that some have been more successful than others, but they did hold a lot of power at one point. Still, a legend like Bret Hart is happy that he won’t remembered in the same light.

[Image via WWE]