Nicole Kidman Pays Tribute To Late Father With Latest Role

Nicole Kidman has had a hard time getting over the death of her father. Kidman might have finally found one way to get past her grief. Nicole says that her latest performance on stage in Photograph 51 is a bit of a tribute for her late dad. The West End stage play features Kidman starring as famed British scientist Rosalind Franklin. Nicole is paying an homage to the biochemist that is her fallen father.

The play’s plot centers on the fact that Franklin was the only woman who was involved in helping to decode DNA’s double helix formation. Kidman’s real life character was only given her plaudits in the last couple of years and well after her death. Nicole and the rest of this cast are going to see the play open next week, but she’s talking about her role now and has mentioned her dad more than a few times. Nicole Kidman told the BBC that the last preview performance, which takes place on September 12 is the anniversary of the actresses’ father’s death. Kidman talked about what being in this play especially on that day means to her and what she feels it would mean to her dad.

“This is my way of acknowledging him but also acknowledging the people in science who quietly do things and aren’t acknowledged a lot of the time. He knew I was going to do this. I like to think he’ll still be somewhere offering support.”

Nicole says that it’s been an emotional time dealing with the passing of her pop and taking on this role. She remembers herself and her siblings all playing with her father, Dr. Anthony Kidman’s equipment. There are other reasons why Nicole is having a real case of nerves as the debuting of Photograph 51 draws nearer. “I think nerves get more as you get older. I would love to say they get less, but they don’t,” she confessed to Cover Media. “My heart was pounding and that rush of adrenaline is an extreme feeling. Getting out there on the stage is the big thing, but once I was out there it was unbelievable.”

Nicole added that Anthony Kidman knew all about the scientist she is playing in this performance. “He knew all about Rosalind Franklin. When I told him I was thinking about doing it, he was very excited.” She said. Now that he’s passed away, Nicole Kidman knew she had to continue in the role for her pop.

[Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images for Women in Film]