Aerosmith Frontman Steven Tyler Breaks Into An Impromptu Duet With A Street Performer In Russia, Swoons The Crowd

Veteran musician Steven Tyler broke out in a spontaneous duet with a street performer in Russia. The singer sang for a few minutes and delighted pedestrians, many of whom instantly recognized him and cheered on.

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler surprised fans in Moscow, Russia, on Friday when he decided to join a street musician. The 67-year-old performer, accompanied by the busker on an acoustic guitar, sang the band’s 1998 power ballad, “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing.” The two sang for just over a minute and entertained the fans. Thereafter, Tyler gave the guy a generous high-five and posed for photos with him as a small crowd, who recognized the music icon, gathered and cheered on, reported MSN.

A small clip of the impromptu performance has gone viral on the internet and shows Steven Tyler singing without a care in the world alongside a street musician. It isn’t clear what prompted the Aerosmith frontman to grace the audience with a performance, but Tyler and his band have been in Moscow touring the city while documenting the trip on their Facebook page, reported the New York Daily News.

Though it’s not clear how long the band plans to stay in Russia and continue performing for their fans, drummer Joey Kramer seems to have made his way back to United States. Their presence in Russia has sparked a euphoria, and Steven and his buddies managed to enthral a congregation of 10,000 fans at one time, confirmed the rock group.

The growing crowd isn’t visible, but its appreciation of the performance is quite audible in the background, and it only seems to get louder towards the end of the painfully short video. Surprisingly, the crowd appears equally supportive and encouraging to the young artist who dares to join and matches the veteran’s vocal chords while strumming on his guitar.

Though it is rare to see iconic musicians giving free concerts, Steven Tyler is known to delight fans by engaging with street performers. In fact, in 2014, Tyler joined a couple of female buskers in Lithuania who played Aerosmith’s 1993 hit “Crazy.” The girls were playing a violin and an accordion to work the crowds, when Steven appeared out of nowhere and decided to sing along with the music.

Incidentally, the band with all its members gave a free concert at Lubyanskaya Square on Saturday to celebrate Moscow City Day. It seems the people in Russia are certainly being treated to great music and turns out they don’t have to pay a thing.

[Image Credit | Christopher Polk / Getty Images]