Vicki Gunvalson Under Fire For Being So Judgmental Of Meghan King Edmonds On ‘RHOC’

Vicki Gunvalson is ready for this season of The Real Housewives of Orange County to be over, as it is very dramatic and raw for her. Not only has she been taking care of Brooks Ayers after he was diagnosed with cancer, but Vicki also lost her mother suddenly. Needless to say, Gunvalson didn’t need the extra drama from Meghan King Edmonds.

When Meghan came on the show, Vicki Gunvalson didn’t like her. The two started arguing over the smallest things, and things exploded when Edmonds said a psychic had pointed out that Brooks possibly didn’t have cancer. Gunvalson was furious.

According to a new tweet, Vicki Gunvalson is now under fire on Twitter for her behavior on the show, and some of her followers want her to justify her behavior when it comes to Meghan. It is no secret that Vicki was upset with Edmonds’ comments in regards to Brooks, cancer, and questioning the diagnosis, but she felt it was justified to fight back. And Gunvalson fought back dirty.

“Who are you to tell Megan how to spend her money? Mind your business!! Sickening. Your jealousy of her is sickening #RHOC,” one follower wrote to Vicki, who replied, “YOU are wrong! We were talking about respecting the bread winner & discussing first before making large purchases #NotJealous.”

It is very possible that fans of the show didn’t see the entire conversation. Gunvalson claims she was merely trying to justify why a spouse should always double-check with the breadwinner before making purchases. As Vicki has been the primary caregiver for years, she felt it was right to let Meghan know the other side of the argument. But some followers believe that Edmonds is just as bad in terms of involving herself in other people’s business,

“Brooks’ healthcare is none of Megan’s business and the sushi girl’s life choices are none of yours. See how that works? #RHOC,” a second follower wrote, which had Vicki reply, “I was encouraging her to get a job that was respectful and one that she was proud of. You didn’t hear our entire conversation.”

But when Gunvalson told Jimmy to talk to her when he was divorced in five years, many people felt that she had crossed the line, including Meghan’s stepdaughter. And many pointed out that Vicki Gunvalson herself had been divorced twice before.

“So funny how Vicki spews that Meghan will soon be divorced but she’s the one who had a break up #RHOC #Justice,” one follower wrote, which had Vicki reply with, “Actually I don’t find it ‘funny’ and I was not married. Breakups are difficult no matter if ur married or not,” and the follower concluding with, “Ironic is more appropriate. But you opened those doors commenting on their marriage. Ppl in glasshouses shouldn’t throw stones.”

Do you think Vicki Gunvalson is right?

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