‘Spectre’ Song: We May Finally Know Who Will Follow In Adele’s Footsteps

A lot of speculation surrounds who will be performing the new Spectre song and until recently, one of the names that was being mentioned as a strong possibility was Sam Smith.

The award winning singer/songwriter recently denied he was working on a recording of the latest James Bond theme song in an interview with BBC 2, published in Mirror.

“That’s not me. That’s definitely not me. I’ve still got loads to do, I’ve got an Australia tour, but I kind of finish in December which is great, it gives me a chance to be in London, be in my home and go out with my friends.”

But — and this is big but — on Sunday, a few alert Twitter fans caught Sam Smith sharing this image, which may be a clue that he is actually the voice of the new Spectre song. The image caught like wildfire.

If this is not a sign that Sam Smith is indeed going to perform the Spectre song, then we don’t know what is. The 007 theme song is expected to be released tomorrow, and there has been intense rumors about who will be delivering the always-anticipated fixture that completes a James Bond movie.

We don’t know if Sam Smith, whose career was launched in 2012 and hasn’t slowed since, was trying to throw everyone off his trail with that interview, but he was successful. The four-time Grammy winner said he was too busy buying a new home, losing weight, and working on his new album to record the Spectre song.

“I had the Grammys in February which was unreal. I’ve done two American tours, one throat operation on the vocal cords. I bought a house, which is amazing. I lost weight, that’s probably a good thing. I was really fat before. Trust me, I was fat.”

Even if it is Sam Smith, it will be hard to follow in Adele’s footsteps. She won the first ever Academy Award for the James Bond franchise with her rendition of Skyfall.

According to several reports, the Spectre song will drop on Tuesday morning, along with ticket pre-sales, because, why not increase the hype that comes with a new James Bond movie, right?

So do you think the hint Sam Smith threw us this morning means he will be performing the Spectre song? People are certainly excited on social media. Daniel Craig stars as 007, when the Sam Mendes film comes to theaters on November 6.

[Image via Columbia Pictures]