WWE News: WWE Champion Seth Rollins Talks What WWE NXT Champion Should Be On Main Roster

As a WWE World Heavyweight champion, the company is spearheaded with his talent, leadership, and skill in the wrestling ring. Just by looking back at WWE champions in the past decade, there’s more to it than wrestling every night. Public appearances, community service, TV and radio spots, and remaining a leader in the WWE locker room are all take into account.

Seth Rollins, the current WWE World Heavyweight champion, has held the title since WrestleMania 31. He cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase on Brock Lesnar to capture his first WWE championship. Since then, he’s taken on all comers and shined during every match thus far.

However, this news update isn’t about Rollins, but rather who he’s looking at in WWE NXT. In a recent interview with the Miami Herald, he commented on who he wants to see called up to the WWE main roster.

“I would like to see [NXT women’s champ] Bayley. She is my favorite who is not up here and being used. So hopefully she gets a shot soon.”

Depending on the plans for Bayley, she may not be brought up to the main roster until 2016. Then again, Triple H may want another presence to help aide the Divas Revolution that isn’t succeeding like originally anticipated. The WWE Universe is truly spoiled with the female wrestling on WWE NXT. Sasha Banks and Bayley had one of the best matches in wrestling history.

Then, WWE fans watch the main roster’s women wrestling and only get to see six-minute matches. That’s no fault of the wrestlers themselves, but rather the WWE Creative team booking shorter bouts. Charlotte, Banks and Becky Lynch aren’t being used properly for many reasons. At least Nikki Bella is finally defending her Divas championship against Charlotte at Night of Champions.

Future plans for Bayley involve Dana Brooke, and then Eva Marie following that feud. With the assumption that Bayley would beat Brooke, then Marie is the wild card to be the next NXT Women’s champion. WWE fans wouldn’t enjoy Marie as champion, but that would mean Bayley getting called up to the main roster. In any WWE booking decision, there’s always going to be positives and negatives.

How could Bayley help the Divas Revolution on the WWE’s main roster? She’d add a new element to the angle, which hopefully isn’t focused on stables at that point. Banks and Bayley could continue their feud, which was very successful on WWE NXT. Either way, Rollins is right about Bayey. She needs to be promoted when the time is right.

[Image via diva-dirt.com]