Carly Waddell Wrote Song For Kirk After ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Breakup [Audio]

Carly Waddell was completely blindsided by Kirk DeWindt on last night’s finale of Bachelor In Paradise. Carly was planning her life outside of Mexico with Kirk, and the two had talked about moving closer to one another, and Waddell was clearly dreaming about settling down with him and starting a family. And maybe Carly rushed it a little bit, because Kirk freaked out when she started talking about having his children. It was not something that he was thinking about.

So when he broke things off with Carly Waddell rather suddenly, she was shocked. Waddell told Kirk that she hated him, and she quickly went to pack her bags to go home. She had no desire of sticking around and hanging out with him. The breakup was heartbreaking to watch, and he was shocked that things took such a horrible turn. But what did he expect?

According to a new tweet, Carly Waddell stayed rather silent on social media last night as the breakup was airing. But at the end of the night, Waddell shared a few posts, including some retweets from her brother — who is also linked to the Bachelor nation. But in one of her own tweets, Carly revealed that she had written a song for DeWindt.

“Here is my statement. #BachelorInParadise ‘Blindsided. A song for Kirk’ by Carly,” Carly Waddell revealed on Twitter last night as the episode aired on the west coast.

As the episode aired on the east coast, Waddell was very silent on social media. Kirk didn’t say much either, which could have hinted that they were both extremely heartbroken over what had gone down during the Bachelor In Paradise finale. But Zak Waddell was more than eager to share his thoughts.

“I am really proud of my sister Carly for handling tonight with maturity and composure #girlsweruntheworld #wifequote,” Zak revealed on Twitter, which was retweeted by Carly.

Many had hoped that DeWindt would explain himself and his feelings as the episode was airing. Sadly, he remained rather silent. At the end of the night, he did reveal that he was super thankful for everything that had happened and his experiences with Carly.

“… And I’m working on it everyday. I’m so incredibly thankful and lucky to spend the time I did with Carly Waddell,” he revealed, sharing a quote about becoming a man.

The two have talked over social media since the dramatic breakup on Bachelor In Paradise, so it sounds like they remain friends even though it was heartbreaking.

What do you think of Carly Waddell’s song to Kirk?

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