Tenley Molzahn Will Miss ‘Bachelor In Paradise’: Did She Use The Show For Money?

Tenley Molzahn surprised everyone when she decided to return to reality television. Tenley once went on The Bachelor in hopes of finding love, but that didn’t work for her. Molzahn was dumped during the finale. She was heartbroken, but she went on Bachelor Pad in hopes of finding love again. And she did. Tenley met Kiptyn Locke, and the two ended up dating for five years. And as Tenley explained on Bachelor In Paradise, she was convinced that she was the one for him.

But Tenley Molzahn was single when she went on Bachelor In Paradise and she was eager to find love. She has been hanging out with Joshua Albers while filming, and many people felt that she had found love with him. And while Tenley is shocked that the season is already over, it sounds like things won’t work out for her.

According to a new tweet, Tenley Molzahn is now reflecting on this season of Bachelor In Paradise. Molzahn pointed out that she is sad that it is over, but it is surprising that this is her opinion, because things may not have worked out for her.

“Are you sad Bachelor in Paradise is ending?” a follower asked Tenley prior to the finale airing Sunday night, which had her replying, “I think we all feel a little this way. Bittersweet takes you to the laugh cry.”

Even though Tenley Molzahn doesn’t tell fans of what is to come on Bachelor In Paradise, gossip writer Reality Steve reveals that Tenley doesn’t stick with Joshua. In fact, she has broken up with him and he hints that Tenley doesn’t want to talk to Joshua. It sounds like something happened between the two, because Molzahn is so sweet and innocent.

“She doesn’t like him,” the gossip writer has revealed about Tenley Molzahn, according to Starpulse, adding that she was “never going to continue a relationship with Josh outside of this show – but she sure made him think she would.”

He adds that Tenley and Joshua are no longer talking to each other, but “one of them tries and the other wants no part of it.” It is very possible that Molzahn went on the show to promote her own business. She is a health coach and a blogger, and Tenley did mention this in the first episode.

What do you think of Tenley Molzahn supposedly ignoring Joshua? Do you think she used Bachelor In Paradise to market her business and possibly make money?

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