Louis Tomlinson Sees Many Things on His Horizon

UK group, One Direction, has taken the world by storm, and the band members are beloved by many tween and teenage girls throughout every land. Louis Tomlinson, however has had a very happening year outside of the band.

This past year Tomlinson has stunned the female (and some male) population into silence. Well, near silence, when he announced that he was to become a father. The same world was further turned on it’s head when it was announced that One Direction would be taking a temporary reprieve from each other. Girls everywhere wept. On top of all that very heavy information, Louis is rumored to become the next judge, along Simon Cowell, on X-Factor.

Addressing the baby rumors, as early as this past week Inquistr was able to report that 23 year-old Tomlinson may not be the father of Briana Jungwirth’s baby after all. It didn’t seem to matter that Louis had already taken responsibility for it and announced it to the world as his own. After all the confusion, Louis still maintains his paternity and is gifting his baby mamma with a new abode. OK! reports that Tomlinson will be putting down nearly four million dollars (2.5 million pounds) on an L.A home for Miss Jungwirth. What’s more, he has invited her parents to come and live with her to provide her with the utmost comfort. Don’t fear, tween nation. Although Tomlinson is accepting his responsibility with grace and energy, he has stated that he will not be marrying her. Both parties are said to be okay with this arrangement.

As for Louis’ new gig on X-Factor, it has not been cemented, and there is currently no room on the panel for this year’s season. He has, however, expressed an interest in joining the show according to Simon Cowell. Cowell stated, “Going forward, one of these guys will do one of these shows with us. Louis in particular wants to and he’d be very good, but in terms of girls, it was really Rita that we wanted – and thank God we got her,” according to Reveal. This would be a returning to roots for the young singer, as Tomlinson auditioned on the show in 2010 and from there 1 Direction was created.

That begs the question, is the break in 1D actually permanent? UnreallityTV reports that it’s possible the split may be permanent. Of course, whenever a band takes a hiatus it’s rumored to be permanent, but there may some truth this time. Tensions are apparently running high among band mates, and it would be hard to come together if that tension is not resolved. It would also free Tomlinson up to do the X-Factor gig that he is desirous of doing.

Who knew sudden fame would come with so many side effects?

[Image credit to Brendon Thorne/Getty Images]