Plastic Bag Fashions: Why Are People Wearing Plastic Bags As Tank Tops And Leotards?

There’s a curious trending going around. As reported by Esquire, people are wearing plastic bags. It doesn’t seem like a very comfortable fashion, but nevertheless, wearing plastic bags as tank tops is actually a new trend. The fashion trend began with Taiwanese women as they gave new life to plastic bags from convenient stores and other places and turned them into shirts and leotards, if they stretched that long. Sometimes, the fashionistas were creative enough to turn two plastic bags into a shirt or onesie.

That’s how men got into the plastic bag action, reports the publication, as it hilariously pulls a scene from the classic movie American Beauty to harken back to the beauty of a plastic bag being carried around in the wind.

The Sydney Morning Herald calls the plastic bag leotard trend a fashion happening that’s taking off in Taiwan. All across social media, plastic bag wearers can be seen in photos that show they’ve placed their arms through the handles of the plastic bag and have stretched their plastic bags with 7-Eleven logos or other fare on the front of them downward to cover the important bits.

Indeed, a search for the “plastic bag” label on Instagram shows a whole lot of other photos besides plastic bags, but there are a few that show the plastic bag-wearing trend.

你資源回收系? #frenchbulldog #plasticbag #dogcustome #dayofjoy

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Hilariously, some of those plastic bags show up being worn by animals, not people, when it comes to spying out the photos on Instagram.

Keepingupwiththetrends #ถุง #plasticbag #lols

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Others show users proclaiming that they are keeping up with the trends by sporting a plastic bag on their torsos.

Indeed, some jokes on Instagram about plastic bags aren’t about the trend of wearing them at all, but about having plastic bags full of plastic bags.

Summer Portfolio 2015/ Plastic Bag Portrait. Oil on plastic bag, 12x22. #plasticbag #portrait #oil #juliopanisello

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Some plastic bag artwork is pretty enough to be worn as a shirt – the type of plastic bag that you don’t want to throw away.

#edurneherran #lasirena #lasirenita #tshirt #plasticbag #recycled #recycling #pinkhair #reuse #nosequeponerme

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One noticeable thing about the plastic-bag-as-a-shirt trend is the fact that most folks have to be pretty slender in order to fit into a plastic bag without ripping it to pieces, which might be one reason the trend is so popular.

Although wearing a plastic bag sounds dangerous – after all, there’s a risk of suffocation anytime plastic bags are placed around the body and not disposed of – along with the fact that they aren’t breathable to the skin – folks could claim they are recycling and saving the Earth. Those facts aren’t worth the danger.

[Photo via Instagram]