Ellen DeGeneres Hits The Big Apple And Celebrates Season 13 Of Her Show By Sipping From U.S. Open Trophy

Ellen DeGeneres sure knows how to party in the Big Apple.

As she prepares for season 13 of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the hilarious talk show host and her wife, Portia de Rossi, have been hitting New York City, from which she will air the first week of the new season.

On Sunday, Ellen apparently had a ball at the U.S. Open, where she was granted the privilege of sipping out of the trophy as it sits waiting for its 2015 recipient.

Okay, perhaps DeGeneres didn’t actually drink from the trophy, but she posted a photo of herself pretending to drink from the cup with the caption, “I’ve only been here a day and they already gave me a trophy. Thanks @USOpen #EllenInNYC”

Earlier in the day, she posted another shot of herself and de Rossi strolling the streets of the city, captioning the shot, “I’m here, New York! #EllenInNYC”

Season 13 of The Ellen DeGeneres Show kicks off Tuesday with special guest Caitlyn Jenner, who will make her first television interview as Caitlyn.

According to Billboard, the Olympic champion discusses her transition to becoming a woman and some of the things she’s been learning through it all.

She also shares what it was like as a young boy struggling with identity and discusses her beliefs on gay marriage.

Previews of the interview were released Friday, in which Jenner notes that her “experience is very different than anyone else” because of her fame and fortune.

“There’s nothing better than to wake up in the morning and be able to be your authentic self.”

Jenner also explained how she got away with cross dressing while doing motivational speeches around the country as a champion Olympic athlete. Apparently, even during those speeches, as Bruce, he wore a bra under his suit.

“I was very stealthy. I was good at this stuff. I would literally go back to the hotel room, cross dress walk out around the hotel and they never knew… They don’t expect me to be in that position. So you can be a little more stealthy that way because they would never in a billion years think that so I never got caught.”

Some of Ellen’s promo tweets for the season 13 opener in New York City have been hilarious over the past few weeks.

And that’s why fans love Ellen.

Wonder what other shenanigans Ellen DeGeneres will be up to on her trip to the Big Apple?

[Image via Instagram/The Ellen DeGeneres Show]