Anna Duggar Attends Sunday Morning Church Service, Said To Be In Good Spirits

Fans has been wondering how Anna Duggar has been doing since her husband, Josh Duggar, has admitted his infidelity in their marriage and is now in rehab for his pornography addiction. She has been keeping to herself, as expected, while being taken care of by the Duggar family. ET has apparently gotten the scoop from an unknown source that Anna was spotted attending Sunday morning services at Cross Church near their home in Arkansas. She was said to be in pretty good spirits despite the chaos that is going on in her life right now.

It seems that the mom-of-four had to sit and listen to a sermon about a person’s addition to pornography and how it is a “secret sin.” Pastor Jeff Crawford took the spotlight to talk about this topic, and he even made a comment that was obviously directed to the Duggar family.

“I know there are some folks in here today – pornography is a deal in your life.”

The sermon was obviously for the family’s benefit, as well as anyone else that may have that same addiction to pornography. There was nothing mentioned on how Anna Duggar might have taken the fact that her situation was referenced to during the sermon, but it may be fair to say that she might have hung on every word that was said. Pastor Crawford also talked about forgiveness and how healing can occur, and that is exactly what the Duggar’s are hoping will happen with Josh.

“We’re for healing. We’re for forgiveness. There is no judgment here.”

Anna was said to have arrived with her in-laws, which included Josh’s sister, Jill Dillard. She is home with husband Derick and son Israel for a visit as they flew back from Central America for Amy Duggar’s wedding. That also takes place on Sunday and the Duggar family headed to celebrate their cousin’s nuptials after church. Anna Duggar is expected to attend that as well.

Jill and Derick were up on stage during the service along with baby Israel. The Duggar daughter posted a photo on her Instagram with a message that they had prayers for them on Sunday. They will be heading back to the mission field in a few days and they are always asking for prayers for their work and safety for their family.

Supposedly, Jessa Seewald and husband Ben were not in church with the rest of the family. The expectant mom could have been helping Amy get ready for the wedding, or maybe she wasn’t feeling well at the time.

The former reality family seems to be well. Anna Duggar has her hands full with her four children, but she supposedly has lots of help. Her brother, who has blasted Josh’s Infidelity, wants his sister and her kids to go live with him, but apparently she has refused that offer.

This update is just a small glimpse into Anna’s life right now. This is a heartbreaking situation for her, but she seems to be sticking around to see if her husband does a turnaround and comes home a healed man.

[Photo by Anna Duggar Twitter]