‘Archer’ Video Game Rumored From ‘South Park’ Developer

Fans of Archer, the hit animated show from FX, may be pleased to hear that Alpha Protocol and South Park: The Stick of Truth developer Obsidian Entertainment is now seriously toying with the idea of an Archer video game, according to a report from Latinos Post.

Obviously, Obsidian already has a track record with animated tie-ins; South Park: The Stick of Truth has met with wild critical acclaim and briefly hit top-seller on Steam. The game is currently rated 10/10 on Steam, 9/10 on IGN and 4/5 on MetaCritic. Alpha Protocol, which was less well-received, was released by Obsidian mid-2010 and has been compared to Archer by Obsidian project director John Sawyer, as a “superspy” style game with elements of humor throughout, as noted by IGN.

“It has come up actually several times of people saying, ‘Yeah, that would be a good fit. Archer Protocol.'”

“I don’t think people really thought about it, or at least not seriously, until after Alpha Protocol shipped,” said Sawyer. “Alpha Protocol has a very realistic look to it, but it’s also kind of silly and comical in a lot of ways. And a lot of that comedy, I think would fit…obviously, Archer is a great fit for that stuff.”

The idea first seriously came up after Obsidian expressed a desire to make video games from animated comedies, much as they did in Stick of Truth. Stick of Truth managed to remain very faithful to its source material, and Obsidian certainly proved that they could pull it off. Now, they’re looking to make another animated comedy-based game, and Archer is looking like a very good fit.

The trick is going to be getting the network, writers, and cast all on board. If Obsidian decides to pursue an Archer game, they have to get FX interested first, then the show’s writers, and then find a way to get the extremely busy cast together to record the lines. Archer itself, while a show full of dialogue, doesn’t require a whole lot of time to record; an Archer video game would probably greatly exceed the amount of dialogue needed for an entire season of Archer and much of the cast have become very busy in the wake of Archer‘s success.

Right now, the rumor of an Archer video game is barely even a rumor, but knowing that Obsidian would like to do it is enough to get fans mobilized. If you’re a fan of Archer and Obsidian, get out there and let them know that you’d love to see an Archer video game!

[Image courtesy FX Networks]