‘Big Brother 17’: Why The Nominees Will Choose Who Gets Evicted [Spoilers]

In an Entertainment Weekly interview last week, Big Brother 17 host Julie Chen called the eviction of Meg Maley “ridiculous and dumb” after both Steve Moses and John McGuire chose not to flip their votes and evict Julia Nolan. In the second half of the double eviction, Liz Nolan won Head of Household and Julia won the Power of Veto, and James Huling was evicted. In less than 60 minutes, the Nolan twins and Liz’s snuggle buddy Austin Matelson had gone from three players out of the final eight to fully half of the players left in the final six.

But it’s a new week in the Big Brother 17 house, and it seems the trio is no longer a fortress. One of the three is likely the next to go to jury, although spoilers reveal they may get to decide who continues to play the game.

Warning: Spoilers from the Big Brother 17 live feeds to follow.

Late on Thursday night, Steve Moses won Head of Household. On Friday, he nominated Liz and Austin, the two strongest players in the Liz-Austin-Julia trio. But a wrench was thrown into the happy group when Austin, and not Julia, won the veto. As Big Brother Network reported, the twins wanted Austin to throw the competition and let Julia win. As the veto holder, Julia could remove either nominee and would be excluded from renomination. Steve would have no choice but to put up either Vanessa Rousso or John.

Austin plans to save himself and Steve plans to put up Julia as the replacement nominee. Both have been clear about their intentions, so there seems to be little chance Austin will sacrifice himself to save Liz or that Steve might decide to put one of his two closest allies in danger.

With the next steps in the game already determined almost a week before eviction day, the remaining players have begun to strategize about the vote. As Austin, Vanessa and John are the only votes this week, it seems likely that whomever the twins want to stay will stay and the houseguests will comply with their wishes.

Vanessa Rousso has begun to campaign to the twins to think long and hard about who should stay and who should go. Big Brother Network reported that she told the twins Julia is the weaker twin competition-wise, but might make it to the final two because another player could beat her in a jury vote. Liz, according to Vanessa, could win it all, but would have to survive eviction all the way to the end.

After Austin did not throw the veto, Liz became upset. The two did not sleep in the same bed Saturday night. During the day Saturday, Austin was discussing with Vanessa whether to take Julia or Liz to the final three.

Big Brother 17 airs Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays on CBS. The season finale is set for Wednesday, September 23.

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