Another Kim Davis Parody Account — This One Being Mistaken For The Real Thing [UPDATE]

If you’re seeking more information about Kim Davis, the Court Clerk in Rowan County Kentucky, who is — or was, until Tuesday — responsible for issuing marriage licenses, among other duties, you might turn to social media. After all, a peek into what Davis had to say about marriage, her job, religion, and other topics over the past few months might offer insight into her motives and the case as a whole. Beware, however; a number of parody accounts have popped up, and not all are obvious.

The Inquisitr reported recently about one particular account that has been turning the internet on end — it purports to be the clerk sitting next to Kim Davis in various videos and images and generally suggests that Davis isn’t great to share an office with. (Melissa Thompson, the clerk in question, told the Courier-Journal she didn’t approve of the account; in part due to the use of profanity.)

However, another Kim Davis parody that has popped up may be harder to discern from the real thing, especially at a glance. It seems to have fooled many, who are responding in shock to Davis’ apparent use of profanity, her abusive language, and the mockery of detractors.

A closer look, though, should make it clear to even the most credible of readers — the ‘Clerk Kim Davis’ account has (facetiously) offered to sext with followers, hinted at engaging in sexual acts with fellow (female) inmates, and says her state should be named “Kimtucky.”

Still not convinced? Before the real Kim Davis became big news, the account went by a different name (Twitter handles are easy to change), and as recently as late August, the account was focusing on users whose mockery of Jared Fogle, the former Subway spokesman, appeared to condone child porn and rape.

At that time, in response to criticism, the account (then going by the username “@shellfennica”) declared itself clearly:

This is hardly the only such parody account — it’s merely the one that’s fooling the most people at the moment — so if you’re seeking the Rowan clerk’s social media, do keep a skeptical eye.

As for Davis’ real Twitter account, she did have one with the username “@kimdavis917.” When she was arrested, her husband took over tweeting on the account, issuing tweets comparing his wife to Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks, among others. However, the account is currently suspended. If it should later be reinstated, the actual Kim Davis Twitter account is here.

UPDATE: It turns out there was yet another parody account for Kim Davis — the @kimdavis917 one mentioned above. The Stranger reports that the account fooled virtually every news outlet, but has been exposed now as a troll. The account is back online, and, instead of fake Kim Davis tweets, is currently promoting Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

[Photo by:Ty Wright/Getty Images]