‘War Room’ Knocks N.W.A Biopic ‘Straight Outta’ The Number One Box Office Spot

In the battle of the box office crown, which the N.W.A biopic Straight Outta Compton held for three weeks, War Room has taken the lead. With two completely different film genres, it a wonder how America could be so gangster one week and so holy the next. War Room is a faith-based flick about the power of prayer. The film, which was created by Christian filmmakers Alex and Stephen Kendrick, took N.W.A’s place after only three days and in record numbers.

In the three-day period, War Room brought in $9.4 million, according to Entertainment Weekly, which surpassed expectations for the $3 million movie. The film even debuted at $11.4 million, bringing its overall domestic earnings to $24.7 million. Although War Room has outdone Straight Outta Compton this labor day weekend, it hasn’t even scratched the surface of the box office sales floor that Straight Outta Compton occupies.

The highly anticipated N.W.A biopic debuted at a whopping $60.2 million and easily became the highest selling musical biopic of all time. The film maintained momentum in week two and three, managing to bring in $8.8 million this weekend and has almost surpassed the $150 million mark in the United States. With Straight Outta Compton having just premiered in the UK, the film brought in £2.48 million in the first week and is only expected to increase.

Back in the U.S., however, Straight Outta Compton is not the only film that fell from glory this weekend, as A Walk in the Woods is beating The Transporter: Refueled. Now at number three in the country, A Walk in the Woods brought in $8.3 million this weekend, after debuting at just over $12.7 million. Despite the pre-release hype, The Transporter: Refueled debuted at on $10 million and followed up this weekend with just $7.1 million, according to the Hollywood Reporter, placing the film in the bottom of the top five.

Landing in the middle, the fifth film of the Mission: Impossible franchise, Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation also mildly disappoints with $7.2 million in box office sales this weekend. However, this week’s number is following a large take over the course of the film’s box office history. It has already exceeded overall box office sales for Straight Outta Compton.

This weekend has shown a decrease across the board in end of summer box office sales. Going into the fall, it is expected that they will die down even more, making way for the next round of highly anticipated films.

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