WWE News: Kevin Owens vs. John Cena Matches Drawing Well, Update On Cena’s Injury

Although the Kevin Owens vs. John Cena feud is done on WWE television, their matches are still drawing well on live events around the United States, according to LordsOfPain.net.

The report mentions that events that have been headlined by Cena vs. Owens drew an average of 6,583 paid fans. By comparison, the next closest feud to draw well has been the Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins feud for the WWE World Heavyweight championship. That feud drew an average of 4,813 paid fans.

Just to give fans an idea, the articles adds that the Cena vs. Bray Wyatt feud from last year was drawing an average of 6,000 paid fans. That means Owens vs. Cena is the best drawing feud at live events in the past two years.

However, their recent matches have not come without some controversy. As reported by the Inquisitr yesterday morning, Cena allegedly injured either his neck or nose during a live event street fight with Owens in Hampton, Virginia. While there was concern that Cena’s recently broken nose may have been hurt once again, the injury has proved to be minor.

Cena took to Twitter to faintly address the rumors and give some words of encouragement.

But Owens stayed true to his bad guy persona on Twitter, issuing a witty response to Cena’s tweet.

That wasn’t life. That was me. https://t.co/cFXPoFcm3B — Kevin Owens (@FightOwensFight) September 5, 2015

After this exchange, Cena and Owens hit the ring in Charlottesville, Virginia for another street fight. A correspondent for LordsofPain noted that Cena did not show any ill effects from the minor injury he suffered the night before.

“Cena worked another physical match and according to our correspondent, showed no signs of an injury. We noted before that backstage talk indicated Cena did suffer an injury on Friday but likely would not miss any ring time.”

A fan who was in attendance posted pictures of Cena celebrating his victory over the former NXT champion.

With the Cena vs. Owens feud doing well in terms of quality television and drawing impressive attendance figures, the company is likely not done putting these two men on the same card to fight each other.

[Image via WWE]