Cleveland Abduction Victim Michelle Knight Discusses Her Many Forced Abortions In The ‘House Of Horrors’

Michelle Knight was abducted by the deranged rapist, Ariel Castro, in Cleveland, Ohio when she was just 21-years-old. The victim lived in captivity for 11 years and was sexually abused by Castro throughout the horrifying ordeal. Now at the age of 34, Knight is speaking out about some of the horrors she faced while being held against her will. Knight points to a few of the many tattoos that cover her body, which include five roses that run down her left arm. Knight says each rose represents a forced abortion she had in the house of horrors.

The Daily Mail reports that sexual abuse survivor Michelle Knight was kidnapped when she was just 21-years-old. She would spend 11 years living in a “house of horrors” until she was finally rescued. The woman says that her captor, Ariel Castro, would sexually abuse her and make sure she suffered “forced miscarriages,” which Knight says were abortions against her will.

In all, Knight says she suffered through five abortions in Castro’s horror home. After she was rescued from the demented sex addict, Knight says she turned to tattoos for comfort and remembrance of the children she lost. The survivor says she has five large rose tattoos that run down her left arm, with each rose symbolizing an abortion she suffered at the hands of Castro during captivity.

“Every rose is for every abortion that I had in the house.”

According to Newsweek, Knight has a number of tattoos that symbolize the horrors she faced during her captivity. Michelle also has a tattoo across her chest that features a baby with the words, “Too beautiful for this Earth.” Another tattoo on her wrist features a “protection dragon” while the half human, half skeleton design on her calf is meant to show her past life and her future self. The photo has the words, “My heart is not chained to my situation,” written over the top.

Though Michelle Knight suffered immensely at the hands of Castro, he hasn’t stopped her from living her life outside of captivity. In fact, Knight spends her time working to support victims of sexual and physical abuse. Knight has also shared her harrowing story in the form of a book. The book is about her kidnapping, and the abuse she suffered during her 11 years of captivity. Knight wants her story to provide hope for those who have suffered abuse that life can go on despite past horrors.

[Image Credit: Facebook]