Does Maroon 5 Care For 'Songs About Jane' Anymore? Greatest Hits Album Suggests Otherwise

Maroon 5 broke into the music scene thanks to their iconic 2002 debut album Songs About Jane. The Adam Levine-fronted group has since managed to continue their reign as the biggest band in the world with chart-topping hits like "Sugar" and "Animals."

But with a recent greatest hits album called Singles ready for launch in September, as reported by the Inquisitr, it's the key tracks that are missing from their debut album that have prompted fans to question whether Maroon 5 still cares about Songs About Jane at all anymore.

For example, the Inquirer recently listed 14 tracks Maroon 5 must play on the next leg of their tour throughout the Asian Continent. Five of the 14 tracks this dedicated fan demands they play are from Songs About Jane, starting with their unheralded track "Must Give Out," which is notably missing from Singles.

"It wouldn't be a Maroon 5 concert without a section dedicated to their first album, Songs About Jane. The album is the cornerstone of the band's lyrical genius, musical ability, and relatability to millenial sentiments. In 'Must Get Out,' the band offers up clever imagery with 'I've been the needle and thread/Weaving figures eights and circles 'round your head'' and frank confessions to today's problems, 'The city's made us crazy and we must get out.'"

Another track absent from the greatest hits record is "Sunday Morning," a song many Maroon 5 fans clamor for on social media. And both Inquirer and Digital Spy note how Maroon 5 left "Harder to Breath" off the record even though it was actually the song it helped launch their career.

"People often forget that their band's first single off their debut studio album wasn't 'This Love' or 'She Will Be Loved' but it was this song that introduced a loud, blaring, and in-your-face attitude that showed off their ability to completely rock out."

And while both "This Love" and "She Will be Loved" is on the new Maroon 5 greatest hits album, it's easy to see why fans of Songs About Jane are feeling very slighted. Couple that with the fact that Maroon 5's sound today is nowhere close to what it was on Songs About Jane and an obvious case that the band has forsaken this record can be made.

Beginning with Maroon 5's fourth album Overexposed and continuing with last year's V, Maroon 5 has slowly shifted their sound away from the jazz-based structures that made them famous. In fact, a listen to Maroon 5's Adam Levine's signature vocals on the radio today sounds more and more like EDM than jazz-rock fusion.

And for fans of Maroon 5's Songs About Jane, that's just something they don't want to hear.

[Photo credit: Kevin Kane / Getty Images]