Kim Kardashian And Kanye West 'Adorable' Shushing Paparazzi For North West's Nap [Photos]

When Kim Kardashian puts her finger to her lips, people pay attention. That's especially true when Kim is about to turn "full on Momzilla" as she protects her sleeping daughter, North, from the blinding flashes of ever-present paparazzi. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were at LAX with daughter North West when "the eager paps spotted the glamorous Klan" and went for it. One look at mama Kim's shushing lips and they got the message: "Don't you dare wake my baby!"

The Mirror reports that although Kim "may be one of the world's sexiest women" who takes in stride all the paparazzi hounding, there's a "different side of her" that comes out and "means business" when her baby is at risk of being disturbed. The photographers got their pics but were "happy to oblige" and kept it low-key.

Kim and Kanye were "lovingly passing their exhausted daughter" back and forth as they made their way through LAX on the way to their connection.

No wonder everyone wanted pics. Kim was her usual gorgeous self, with the extra radiance of "Bump West" to make her even more eye-catching, and wearing her "trade-mark" shoes in case there was any doubt as to identity. Little North was "off the scale" of "ultra-cute" in a new furry coat. The cozy new coat kept her content and sleeping as her famous parents made the journey through the airport.

Yahoo Celebrity reports that even "moody Kanye" forgot to keep the dour expression on his face for the whole time and "managed to crack a smile or two" when he was on daughter-holding duty. Kanye is well known for refusing to smile for the media. Some fans love him for it, others think it's not cool at all.

Aside from the lack of smiles, there's other criticism of Kanye making the social media rounds. Although Kim and Kanye passed sleeping North between them, it looked like Kim did most of the toddler carrying, and that's not sitting well with media or fans.

There are still plenty of fans who think Kim and Kanye are both great parents. One points out on Twitter that no matter what Kimye do, there's always someone who will find fault with them.

What do think? Is Kanye an "adorable" dad who is doing his part and just doesn't like to smile, or is he leaving too much of the responsibility to Kim?

[Image via Craig Barritt / Stringer / Getty]