‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 12: Ellen Pompeo Talks Fans, New Romance Teasers, And More

Grey’s Anatomy is just a few short weeks away from the premiere of Season 12, and fans are still talking about the death of Derek Shepherd.

Will Grey’s Anatomy survive without Patrick Dempsey?

That is one of the big questions fans have been asking over the summer, and it is a question that has upset one star of the ABC hit series. Ellen Pompeo is not happy with the fans continued discussion surrounding Derek Shepherd’s death. Some fans really do feel that the series will go downhill without Dempsey.

According to TV Insider, Pompeo made a statement about that topic in a recent interview.

“It’s like, Annalise Keating carries the show, Olivia Pope carries the show. But somehow, Meredith Grey needs someone. Why can’t I just be the lead of the show the way Annalise and Olivia can? Why can’t I be on that poster by myself?”

That comment is understandable, but fans know Meredith Grey is a very different person. She has always needed “a person” by her side. For many seasons, that person was Derek Shepherd. She even had a best friend by her side, and Cristina Yang exited the series by telling Meredith that they were each other soulmates.

Olivia Pope and Annalise Keating have shown their fans that do not need a man or anyone by their side. They are different women than Meredith Grey.

However, Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 may be the season that Meredith will show the world that she can be that kind of woman. According to Variety, there is no new romance planned for Meredith next season. She will stand on her own, and she will focus on her career. She might even have some new luck on that front.

Romance will surround her though. There are couples dating and hooking up with new flames all over the show.

One of the biggest romances is the teased romance between Owen and Amelia. Will they or won’t they? That is the biggest question with that pair. Entertainment Weekly shared some new inside scoop on Friday.

“Here’s our Owen tease: While Owen and Amelia are still ‘circling each other,’ Shonda Rhimes says, ‘Owen’s going to find himself moving in with somebody that he had not planned to.’”

Fans know that Meredith will have Maggie and Amelia move in with her into Ellis’ old house. That leaves them out of the equation. Who will Owen move in with during Season 12? Could April Kepner return home needing a place to stay after her trip overseas?

The series is planning a huge shift for Season 12. Fans will see a lighter series than in recent seasons. A previous Inquisitr report teased that Season 12 would take fans to the beginning as far as romance and fun are concerned.

What do you think about Ellen Pompeo’s comments regarding the fan reaction to Derek Shepherd’s death on Grey’s Anatomy? Can the show survive without Patrick Dempsey? Can Meredith Grey carry the show all on her own?

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