Bindi Irwin Experiences High Heels For The First Time, Also Reveals Team Name Ahead Of ‘DWTS’ Premiere

It should come as no surprise that Bindi Irwin is as spunky on the dance floor as she is wrestling a croc to the ground, and Derek Hough loves it. The twosome have been paired up together for Season 21 of Dancing with the Stars. The pro dancer has been impressed with the teen as soon as he gave her his first dance lesson, reports ET. They also came up with a team name already. They will now be known as Team Crickey, which is also a sweet tribute to her dad, the late Steve Irwin.

Her daddy would also be proud that his little girl is now wearing heels and sparkly things. Bindi is all grown up now, but she admitted that she had never in her life worn high heels. Somehow wrestling crocs with high heels on would probably not be so appropriate. That is her life back in Australia, but she is now about to embark on a life-changing experience that she will never forget.

Her life changed dramatically in 2006 when Steve Irwin died doing what he loved to do. Now that his daughter, as well as wife Teri and son Robert, are carrying on his legacy, he would be so happy to know that they are all doing well and leaving an imprint on the world just like he did. Bindi mentioned that she hopes that he would be proud of her.

“I hope that dad would be proud of me because he is my superhero. He always will be and for many of us, as a family, we’ve tried so hard to make sure that everything he loved and lived for carries on.”

Derek said that Bindi Irwin is improving so much since he first began teaching her some dance moves. However, her biggest adventure so far has been learning the fine art of wearing heels. Bindi describes how it all went down… literally.

“They said, ‘We’re going to put you in these heels,’ and I don’t think they realized that I had never worn heels before so I stood up and instantly fell down. I’m going to try something new and different, and work with the heels and see if I can stand up!”

Derek Hough is not the only teacher in the dance studio. His young partner has been giving him a lesson in improving his Aussie accent.

Team Crickey are working on their dance moves that will eventually intertwine Bindi’s love of animals. She has already introduced her partner to a few of them, including a porcupine, as seen in an Instagram photo, so it will be quite interesting to see what they have in store for the ballroom floor. Of course, viewers will most certainly be seeing Bindi Irwin in those high heels and ballroom attire as well.

Will you be rooting for Team Crikey?

[Photo courtesy of Matt Roberts/Getty Images]