George Michael Online Fling: Hairdresser Reveals Details, Candid Photos Of Brief Relationship With Singer

64-year-old Carlos Arturo Oritz has revealed intimate details of his passionate fling with singer George Michael, which occurred after the pair met online.

Speaking to the Mirror, Ortiz explained how the pair had a brief relationship, which, when it ended, left him devastated. In fact, Ortiz even described their time together as the "happiest moment of his life."

Colombian-born Carlos Ortiz told the paper, "I have the most lovely memories of our time together, so it as been very sad to see stories of him that say he's not at his best." Recently, 52-year-old George Michael was photographed looking portly and tired during a vacation overseas.

Ortiz then added, "He's not at all what you would expect from a pop star who is famous all over the world."

Ortiz described Michael, who found fame as the lead singer of Wham before he had a hugely successful solo career, as a "kind, sensitive and lovely man in search of happiness."

The retired hairdresser even shared a selfie that he captured with Michael, as well as a more intimate photo of the singer drinking a coke, while topless, in his hotel room.

Ortiz insisted that he originally met George Michael on the internet. Ortiz was concerned and nervous about what to expect from Michael, but they soon became so accustomed to each other that the musician invited the retired hairdresser to his hotel.

"We met up and had a fabulous time," Carlos explained. "George invited me back to his hotel bedroom where we talked for hours and really hit it off."

During this time, which saw the pair meet at Sydney's Park Hyatt hotel, Carlos and George spoke at length about the struggles in his life.

"It was a very special time. He was in great shape, fit, full of life and energy. George invited me up to his room and told me to come straight on up."

"When he answered the door he was topless in tracksuit trousers and smiling and he invited me in. We lay on the bed together and talked for hours and hours about everything."

"He lay with his head across me and chatted about life. He was a very emotional person, calm then at times seeming quite down. It wasn't long before he'd invited me to England, where he told me he has four houses."

Ortiz explained that at the time, George Michael had a boyfriend. However, Michael admitted that he was unhappy with his beau, even though they were living together.

Ortiz insisted that he wouldn't visit England while Michael lived with his boyfriend, but that they should keep in touch. They did for a while, but unfortunately for Ortiz they then lost contact.

(Photo by Neil Mockford/Getty Images)