September 5, 2015
The Game: 'Some Punk Jacked My Ride'

The Game is very openly upset about a recent occurrence that happened right outside his front door. Someone went into The Game's driveway and "Jacked" his ride. According to TMZ, The Game is a man on a mission, and his mission is to find the unknown man that caused quite a bit of damage to his car.

Looking at the video above, you can see that a white male came to The Game's property in the wee hours of the morning in an effort to cause damage to the famed rapper's property. The man threw an item through The Game's car's rear window before heading toward another car in the driveway to cause more damage.

The Game was obviously furious about the destruction of property. Following the incident, The Game hit social media in a search for the vandal, offering the following statement,

"If you recognize this [explicit] or have any info please dm me & I will do the rest."
According to Hot New Hip Hop, The Game also offered the following statement,
"So this is how the devil works... Every time in life you do something good, some negative [explicit] happens to try & detour your focus away from the positivity."
The Game has been working to bring a more positive feel to the hip hop scene. As a matter of fact, The Game recently started what is known as the Robin Hood Project. Through the project, The Game is giving away $1,000 to a lucky fan each and every day.

The Game is clearly in bad spirits today after the incident, and rightfully so. After all, the vandal broke a window and caused a pretty big dent in one of The Game's favorite cars. If you know who the vandal in the video is, The Game would surely appreciate your help. The Game described the vandal as being about six feet tall and skinny. He also mentioned that the man has "blondish/brownish curley hair."

In a final statement about the incident, The Game had the following to say,

"If you see this [explicit] coward, you gon pay!"
The Game is most known for his hits "West Side Story," "How We Do," and "Hate It Or Love It," and is considered to be somewhat of a hardcore gangster. With that said, here's a single word of advice for the vandal that decided to destroy The Game's prized possession -- Run!

[Image Courtesy of Wikipedia]