Tim Tebow Cut From Philadelphia Eagles, Is ‘Tebow Time’ In Pro Football A Thing Of The Past?

Tim Tebow has been released by the Philadelphia Eagles, according to ESPN and several other media outlets. The news came as a surprise to some who thought Tebow had a chance of being the third string quarterback after yesterday’s trade of fellow quarterback Matt Barkley to the Arizona Cardinals.

When Eagles’ coach Chip Kelly had announced that Tebow would be trying out for the third string spot earlier in the year, there was much speculation about how Tim would be utilized. The majority of analysts and fans thought Tebow might be a good match to come in for short runs because of his versatility in being able to throw or run the ball on his own. Tebow’s strength appeared to be a natural fit for protecting the often injured Sam Bradford.

Tim Tebow enjoyed moderate success in his previous stint with the Denver Broncos. Playing three games in his rookie season and selected as the starter for his follow up season, Tebow lead the Broncos to the playoffs for the first time since 2005. Tebow and the Broncos often rallied late in the game to achieve victory and usually in unorthodox fashion. Tim was frequently seen praying on the football field and while many mocked him, others wondered if the Broncos’ success had little to do with Tim Tebow and more to do with divine intervention because of the inconsistency of Tebow’s play.

The Denver Broncos apparently wondered the same thing because the following season, Tim Tebow was traded to the New York Jets in an effort to bring veteran quarterback Peyton Manning to take command of the Broncos offense. Tebow’s time with the Jets was limited as Tim struggled for playing time against starter Mark Sanchez. Tebow was released from the Jets in April of 2013. Though picked up in the preseason by The New England Patriots, Tebow found himself on the chopping block during preseason.

It seemed Tim Tebow’s NFL days were over as no other teams picked him up for the next two seasons. Then, in April 2015, it seemed like Tim would once again get the opportunity to live his dream of being an NFL quarterback when he was signed by the Eagles.

Tebow’s preseason play was considered mediocre by some, but good enough to earn Tim the third string position by others. A sighting of Tim Tebow at the Philadelphia airport yesterday had sparked speculation that the former Heisman Trophy winner wasn’t going to make the cut as NFL teams diligently worked to whittle down their rosters to 53 men.

Now that the Eagles have announced Tim’s release, many are wondering if another team will consider picking Tebow up or if his career is over for good.

Will Tim Tebow play in the NFL again? Tell us what you think!

[Image courtesy of Rich Schultz/Getty Images]