September 5, 2015
Kelly Rutherford Gets To See Her Children in Monaco

After losing her children once again, Kelly Rutherford finally got to see them this week while in Monaco for a court date. People shared the news that Kelly was reunited with her kids after last month her ex accused her of trying to abduct the children from him. This week she was actually spotted in France eating out with her children, Hermes and Helena.

At this time, sources say that Kelly is still allowed to spend time with the kids and joint custody is still in effect. Rutherford will have to go to Monaco and France for her chance to spend time with them. While in Monaco, Rutherford went to court for a two-hour hearing, but of course this battle is nowhere near over. Kelly is expected to return to court again on October 26. This will continue Rutherford's fight that started in 2012. Kelly wants to bring the children, Hermes and Helena, back to the United States to live with her.

Kelly Rutherford's fight for her kids has been a long one and she isn't giving up. Recently Rutherford shared that the kids even still ask her about it.

"My children ask me all the time if I am still fighting for them. … I always tell them the day will never come when I say no."
Today revealed that legal analyst Lisa Green feels like Kelly Rutherford needed to apologize while in court and admit her wrongdoing by keeping the children in the United States recently and refusing to return them. Without an apology, it could be hard for the courts to ever let Rutherford bring the children back to America. Even if Kelly did apologize, they might not want her to leave Monaco with the kids again.

Kelly Rutherford's kids have now started school and keeping them close to their studies makes the most sense, but Green did share there is one other way that Kelly Rutherford might be able to convince the judge to let her bring the kids back. Green spoke out about it all.

"What Kelly needs to tell the judge in Monaco is, 'This really makes no sense. They belong in America with me. I will obey the law, and they have more ties in America than they do in Monaco.'"
At this time, Kelly Rutherford is still in a legal battle for her children that may never end. Rutherford will be back in Monaco once again for court on October 26. Hopefully she will get another chance to see her children at this court date and a final decision will be made.

[Picture Source: Photo by Kris Connor/ Getty Images]