Former WWE, ECW Star Sabu Addresses Controversy Over Hotel Incident

ECW Original Sabu was the featured guest on the most recent episode of Another Wrestling Podcast(Ep. 71). The legendary hardcore grappler discussed some highlights of his career, including his stint in ECW working with the likes of Paul Heyman, Tommy Dreamer, Taz, and many others. Sabu also addressed a disturbing story that received widespread attention on the internet over the course of recent weeks, explaining his side of the situation.

As WrestlingINC and other online news outlets reported, the ownership of New Jersey-based Pro Wrestling Syndicate publicly complained about issues with Sabu during his recent work in the promotion, including a bizarre account of his stay at a hotel. Sabu was harangued by PWS co-owner Pat Buck in a lengthy Facebook post which detailed allegations of unprofessional behavior at a pre-show autograph signing, and prior to his scheduled match.

Buck also alleged that Sabu trashed his hotel room, leaving blood and feces — ostensibly from a dog that was staying in the room with Sabu, although some more salacious headlines neglected to mention this detail when the story first broke — along with drug paraphernalia, including syringes. PWS, by and through the statement by Pat Buck, has indicated the promotion will no longer work with Sabu.

The hosts of Another Wrestling Podcast bluntly asked Sabu to explain the situation with PWS, including the hotel incident. Sabu responded with candor and quite a bit of colorful language.

“The truth is not what he made it sound like. It was not as awesome as what they reported. ‘Blood, drugs and feces’… Sounds like a great movie.”

The former ECW champion explained that his major point of contention with PWS was that they asked him to make their wrestler Fallah Bahh look good by losing to him. Sabu indicated that he’d done similar jobs for PWS in the past, “putting over” their in-house talent and making himself look bad in the process. He said he didn’t want to lose to a “nobody,” adding that he let PWS ownership know of his displeasure. It’s worth noting that Pat Buck’s original account of the issues with Sabu indicated that Sabu demanded additional money to lose to Bahh and that they had to re-write the outcome for the match to please everyone involved.

As for Buck’s assertions that Sabu made a mess at the hotel, Sabu acknowledged he didn’t leave the scene tidy but categorically denied the presence of drug paraphernalia.

“They’re right. I had a dog and it made a mess,” Sabu said. “There were no needles. There was blood because, you know, I bleed and that’s the way it is. You know, I didn’t bleed all over the place. I bled in the bed and I bled on the shower curtain but they made it sound like I murdered someone in that room and sacrificed my dog … all over the room. And that sounds great, but it’s not true.”

Sabu maintained that his credit card was charged for the stay and that neither PWS, nor Pat Buck, were required to pay his bill. By and large, the ECW icon indicated his career is going well and that he enjoys what he is doing these days despite rumors about what happened at the hotel. Sabu effectively capped discussion of the matter by joking, “I am having a great time, but not that great a time.”

[Image via YouTube]