‘Hawaii-Five-0’ Season 6 Spoilers: Does Catherine Say No To Steve’s Proposal?

Hawaii Five-0 fans are waiting anxiously to find out the status of Steve and Catherine’s relationship since the credits rolled at the end of season 5. Michelle Borth returned for the finale, and fans assumed that this was a good sign for the pair to reunite and continue their relationship.

Hawaii Five-0 spoilers shared by the Inquisitr since the end of season 5 have also been positive, but new spoilers released just this week are now causing fans to panic.

Is the end for Steve and Catherine near?

The first sign that Steve and Catherine would not reunite and head towards happily ever after came earlier this week. Sarah Carter is joining the series in a recurring role, and she is a new love interest for Steve. She was last seen on TNT’s Falling Skies, which ended its run recently.

Deadline reported that Carter will “play Lynn, a nature enthusiast and avid explorer McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) takes to a remote island on an adventurous first date, where they stumble upon a criminal hideout that puts both of their lives in danger.”

With the new love interest on the way, one fan decided to ask the question that many fans are now asking about Steve and Catherine. Entertainment Weekly shared the inside scoop.

“‘It’s complicated,’ executive producer Peter Lenkov says of McGarett and Catherine’s current status. ‘There’s a huge turn in their relationship that comes very early in the season and it’s going to change everything.’ That huge turn? The new promo teases that McGarett is planning to pop the question to Catherine, but I hear the character’s only sticking around for three episodes, so make of that what you will.”

CBS released both the first season 6 promo and photos for the premiere this week, but they really do not give fans any real idea about the fate of Steve and Catherine. The biggest take away from the Entertainment Weekly reveal is that Catherine will only stick around Hawaii long enough to appear on three episodes of Hawaii Five-0 season 6.

Perhaps her return was only meant to give Steve and Catherine the closure needed for Steve to really move on? She left him during a phone call near the end of Hawaii Five-0 season 4 after all.

Viewers that know Carter from Falling Skies will have to wonder what kind of character she will bring to the table on Hawaii Five-0. Maggie was a tough, no-nonsense kind of woman. Will she play a similar role on Hawaii Five-0?

What do you think about Steve and Catherine’s relationship coming to an end?

[Photo: CBS]