‘Big Brother 17’: Even Julie Chen Thinks Steve Moses Made A Big Mistake [Spoilers]

Big Brother 17 started with a twin twist. Liz and Julia Nolan played as one person and started a showmance with Austin Matelson. The twins were found out early on, but their alliance decided to protect them to have an extra number on their side. Both twins eventually entered the house, and now, at the final six, the trio of Liz-Austin-Julia still stands, despite the fact that Julia was sitting on the block last week.

Viewers of Thursday night’s double eviction saw Steve Moses wrestle with the decision to keep or evict Julia. A person had yelled over the back wall earlier in the week, suggesting that Austin wanted Julia out. It was enough for a plan to flip the house to gain some traction, alas, it was not to be.

Chen told Entertainment Weekly that keeping the twins intact so late in the game may have been a serious miscalculation on Steve’s part.

“Steve chickened out is the bottom line. He looks to Vanessa [Rousso] as a mother figure and she is controlling him. Vanessa really made the big mistake in not using this opportunity to convince Steve and John to vote out Julia and make them think it was their idea. John was just going to do whatever Steve decided so Steve messed up here. Ridiculous and dumb.”

But although Chen said Vanessa made a mistake in this instance, she still says the poker player could take the title at the end of the day.

“If Vanessa plays it right she can win and should win. That being said, this here is Big Brother — expect the unexpected.”

But live feed spoilers reveal things may soon come to an end for Austin and the twins. Thursday night the Head of Household competition shifted the power once again.

Warning: Spoilers from the Big Brother 17 live feeds to follow.

Thursday night, Steve, whom Chen had accused of “chickening out” during the double eviction, won Head of Household. He’s expected to target the trio, but as Big Brother Network reported, Vanessa has been in his ear advising him on who to put up. Steve said he wanted to put up the twins. Vanessa said Austin and Liz were the better choices, because they are the stronger of the two. If one of the three wins veto, there will be at least one strong player left on the block.

Viewers will see how things played out, Sunday night on CBS. The Big Brother 17 season finale airs September 23.

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