Karlie Kloss Goes Back To School: Victoria’s Secret Model Shares Picture From First Day At NYU

Karlie Kloss is going back to school.

The Victoria’s Secret model started her first day at New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study and shared a picture of her first day outfit on Instagram.

Apparently, even though Kloss has walked the runway in front of millions of viewers and played a role in good friend Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” music video, she still gets butterflies about her first day in a new school.

“I haven’t been this nervous in years!! 😁🍎📚✏️ #firstdayofschool,” she wrote.


Karlie Kloss may have some interesting stories about her summer vacation. Just a few days before classes started, she joined Taylor Swift at the MTV Video Music Awards as part of the “Bad Blood” squad, the group of young stars included in Taylor’s music video.


Karlie Kloss seems to have a real thirst for knowledge. Back in August, she told Self magazine that she is excited to study some new topics at NYU.

“My ambition is really just to study things that I’m curious about,” she said. “I want to study computer science. I want to study psychology. I’m fascinated by space. I want to study art history.”

Kloss apparently wants to help others learn as well. After she took coding classes last year, Karlie founded the Kode with Karlie scholarship that funds 20 young women to go through the same coding program.

The magazine noted, “She got interested in coding when her boyfriend, investor Joshua Kushner, announced he was taking a week off of work to learn programming. Kloss tagged along. “The irony is that I was the one it really clicked for,” she says. She started thinking about how everything in today’s world is built with code: “I mean, it’s like a superpower.” So she decided to try to inspire her social media followers—2.5 million on Instagram alone—to get in on the action. “It’s just a thing I’m personally excited by,” she says, “starting this conversation, and engaging girls who wouldn’t normally be introduced to it.”

As the scholarship’s website noted, it intends to give participants a chance to learn how to create apps and to get their foot in the door.

“In this two-week, full-time course, students will explore concepts in back-end software engineering through Ruby-a powerful, yet accessible programming language used to power apps like Twitter.

“Students will learn how to create an app using the same languages and tools that help people in our adult courses kickoff new careers in code at companies like The New York Times, Kickstarter, and Etsy.”

Karlie Kloss may be popular among her fellow NYU students, and not just because she’s a Victoria’s Secret model. As Self explained, Karlie has a passion for baking cookies and bringing them to her fashion shoots to hand out, a habit that could likely make its way to her college classroom as well.

[Image via Instagram]