UFC Fighter Nick Diaz Spent A Couple Of Hours In Jail

Nick Diaz, a welterweight fighter in the UFC, finally served his time in jail. The stint in jail was a result of two separate DUI charges in California, according to Fox Sports. However, Diaz didn’t have to spend a long time behind bars. Diaz was released the same day he turned himself in.

On Thursday, Diaz made his way to the San Joaquin County Jail in California, and then he was processed just a little after 10:00 a.m., according to TMZ.

Records show that Nick Diaz was actually released as of noon Thursday, which means Diaz spent less than two hours at the jail. Diaz had his photo taken, for his mugshot, and he was likely released by authorities after he was processed at the jail.

According to MMA Junkie, Diaz was arrested last September on suspicion of DUI, as well as attempting to destroy evidence. That charge, as well as a separate DUI charge from 2013, led to Diaz being sentenced to two days in jail. Diaz was sentenced last July after he pleaded no contest to the DUI, and the other charges were dropped. One day of Diaz’s two-day sentence was credited based on time served following the UFC star’s arrest.

The DUI charges and the time in jail can be put behind Diaz, but there are still issues that the fighter needs to face in the future. Diaz had a fight with Anderson Silva back at UFC 183, and he underwent a drug test after that fight. Anderson Silva also failed a drug test, as he tested positive for two anabolic steroids. Silva won the fight via decision, but as a result of the drug test, the decision was overturned from a win to a no contest.

Diaz ended up failing his drug test, and as a result he was scheduled for a hearing in front of the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Diaz tested positive for marijuana metabolites, but his results did have some inconsistencies, which could be brought up at the hearing.

Diaz was scheduled to appear in front of the Nevada State Athletic Commission back in August, but the hearing ended up being delayed because of an attorney conflict.

As for when the next time Nick Diaz (26-9-2) will fight next, the UFC has yet to confirm his next fight. The last time Diaz stepped foot into the Octagon was about eight months ago, when he fought Anderson Silva. Prior to fighting Silva, he fought then-Welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre in March, 2013, at UFC 158. Diaz ended up losing to St-Pierre via unanimous decision.

[Image By Steve Marcus/Getty Images]