Arizona Postman Leaves Heartwarming Handwritten Note Announcing Retirement To People On His Route

An Arizona postman made the decision to retire from his route after 20 years of delivering mail for the U.S. Postal Service. Instead of just disappearing from his route one day, Michael L. Raymer took the time to personally write a note to each of the people on his delivery route informing them of his decision and telling them that it has been a “privilege and pleasure” to be their mail carrier.

The Daily Mail reports that residents on postman Michael L. Raymer’s Glensdale, Arizona, delivery route were touched by a letter the mail carrier left upon deciding to retire at the end of the month. Raymer left heartwarming handwritten notes in each of mailboxes on his route detailing the joy he felt serving them over the years and to inform them that they were like a “second family” to him. Raymer says that he has made the decision to “start a new chapter” in life after his wife of 42 years passed away last year. The mail carrier worked for the U.S. Postal Service for 20 years and says that he has “enjoyed and endured all of the triumphs and heartaches” right along with them.

The postal carrier went on to tell the residents on his route that it was a “privilege and pleasure” to delivery their mail each day and that he has enjoyed getting to know everyone on his route. He called them a “second family” and says he will truly miss everyone. The postman closed the letter by wishing everyone “all the best.” Michael L. Raymer’s last day on the job is set for September 30, 2015.

One Reddit user received the heartwarming note and posted it to Reddit with the caption, “For as long as I have lived in my house, always thought the Mailman was very nice. He put this in the mailbox. Reminds me that there are good warm people in all walks of life.[sic]” The post instantly went viral with over 1,300 comments since the time of this posting.

Viral postman letter
Letter from Mike the mailman disclosing his upcoming retirement and love for the people on his mail route.

Social media users have suggested that the residents in the community band together to throw the caring mailman a proper farewell party. What do you think of the mailman’s emotional retirement letter? What do you think is next for Michael L. Raymer after leaving the job he so obviously loved?

[Image Credit: Reddit]

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