Megyn Kelly Bloody Tampon Halloween Costume Causes Outrage, Costume Company Says ‘That’s So Donald’ [Photo]

In what many are describing as the “most offensive Halloween costume yet,” the costume company Costumeish released an outfit titled “Foxy Megyn Bloody Tampon Costume.” The costume pays homage to something “that’s so Donald” by offering up a “tampon tunic” that was designed to appear as a “nasty-looking used tampon with fake blood highlights.” If that isn’t enough, some extra fake blood is included.

The Daily Mail reports that the “Foxy Megyn” tampon costume was uploaded to the website Costumeish just in time for the Halloween season. The costume’s inspiration came from a comment made by GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump in which he claimed Megyn Kelly’s “unfair” questioning may have been due to the fact she was menstruating. His statement went viral after Trump noted that Kelly had “blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her whatever.” Trump later tweeted that the “whatever” could be her nose.

The costume company noted in the costume’s description that Donald Trump “remains a hero to many for his brazen willingness to say almost anything” but then goes on to say that Megyn Kelly is a “fearless journalist who commands respect.” For the costume company, it seems that “respect” for the journalist’s refusal to allow politicians to avoid tough questions comes in the form of her very own namesake tampon costume.

Check out the costume below which was captured via screenshot by the Daily Mail.

Megyn Kelly Tampon Costume

As you can see, the costume company thinks highly of their “Foxy News Anchor” costume as they are commanding a $69.99 price tag for the giant bloody tampon look. Though the Megyn Kelly costume was called “offensive” by many, it isn’t the only controversial costume offered by the website.

Costumeish also released a Cecil the Lion Killer Dentist costume that features a dental jacket with blood and a lion head. Another costume displaying the Cecil the lion controversy was titled “Cecil’s Revenge,” and contains a dentist outfit that has an attacking lion sewn to the back. The shirt is covered in bloody claw marks.

If the Megyn Kelly bloody tampon costume and plays on the death of Cecil the lion weren’t enough for this Halloween season, another costume was released that has many in the LBGT community up in arms. Spirit Halloween announced they would be carrying a Caitlyn Jenner costume that will feature the reality star’s Vanity Fair outfit, a brown wig and sash that reads, “I am Cait.”

What do you think about this year’s offensive Halloween costume offerings? Does the Megyn Kelly bloody tampon costume take it too far?

[Image Credit: Getty Images/ Chip Somodevilla/ Costumeish]