ABC' 20/20': 'Pope Francis And The People' Airs Tonight With David Muir -- This Will Change The Way You See Him

ABC 20/20 will air the Pope Francis special tonight. U.S citizens will either love him or hate him, but it will definitely change the way most will see him and the Catholic church.

ABC 20/20's David Muir got the chance to speak with Pope Francis up close and personal during his visit to the Vatican. This special edition will consist of a meeting with a live audience that will include people from Texas, Los Angeles, and Chicago, according to ABC News. The event will also be witnessed globally in what many are calling a virtual audience, since it marks the first time that the Pope has held such a meeting in order to connect with online audiences all over the world.

Some Americans are calling it remarkable and state that Pope Francis spoke with such compassion that it moved audience members to tears. Earlier this month, Pope Francis called for a "Year of Mercy," which would allow divorced women or those who have had abortions to come back to the church as long as they are truly sorry, according to KABC-TV. ABC 20/20 viewers will hear from one woman in the audience who tells Pope Francis that she had made some bad decisions in her life. She cried heavily after Pope Francis told her that she was a courageous woman. He also told her to "hold her head high."

In another tender moment, according to the Daily Mail, a 17-year old girl with a skin disorder was asked to sing a song. Seeing her nervousness, Pope Francis asked the young girl from Chicago to "be courageous." With a tearful voice, she was finally able to bellow out a beautiful song. People in attendance at the large, historical meeting say that it was nothing like they had ever seen before, nor was it like they expected.

During the meeting with Pope Francis, the people were met with such deep compassion and humility that one could actually reach out and touch it.

"That's how it's supposed to feel," stated one person on what "religion" should feel like.

Others stated that Pope Francis seems like a wonderful man who "understands God and people."

It does seem that, like President Obama, Pope Francis seeks to unify people and bring peace and comfort to those who are hurting -- a man who lacks the judgmental attitude that so many so-called Christians have. The case of the clerk who was jailed for failing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples (which was her job, by the way) is an example of those using God to separate people. For many, her message disrupts, divides, confuses, and conjures up feelings of intense hatred and fury, which is different from the feelings of peace, compassion, and understanding that wraps its arms around you when in the presence of a godly person.

Witness this joyous but unforgettable moment in history tonight at 10/9 central on ABC 20/20. Before the show, check out some videos from the virtual audience meeting with Americans and connect on Facebook and Twitter using hashtag #‎AudienceWithPope. The Inquisitr reported on two other ABC 20/20 episodes, including the case of television journalist Alison Parker and Rosalie Martinez, the woman who married a killer on death row.

[Photo Credit: YouTube]