‘The X-Files’ Wraps Filming: Gillian Anderson And David Duchovny Get Fans Ready For Revival

Fans waiting for the return of The X-Files to Fox early next year are one step closer today. The two most important members of the cast announced on their Twitter accounts that production on the short season wrapped this week.

Both Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny posted to their Twitter accounts that production was complete. Gillian shared a group cast shot on her Twitter account on Thursday, and David revealed that he was leaving Vancouver on Wednesday.

The revival will not premiere on Fox until January 24. This means fans still have some time to wait to find out what happened to Mulder and Scully.

A previous Inquisitr report shared the titles for some of the episodes, including the finale. The X-Files finale is titled “My Struggle II.” No other details were released, but Just Jared shared some photos from the set shot on Tuesday, and David Duchovny looks beat up a bit in the set photos. Mulder will get bloody at some point during the finale.

Fans have been waiting for more information about the upcoming return, but not much has been released. Fans know who is returning for the revival, and there have been small teasers about the monsters Scully and Mulder will face, as well.

The biggest spoiler about The X-Files revival is the status of Mulder and Scully’s relationship. They were paired up romantically when fans last saw them, but their romantic relationship ended between the last film and this new series.

A science advisor for the series, Anne Simon, has now teased a bit more about the finale for The X-Files revival to Den of Geek, and fans should prepare themselves for the episode.

“It’s not a science episode, per se, but it may end up being people’s favorite episode of all time. It was that good and it was that much fun. This episode six that’s in its final stages right now is, in my opinion, extremely scary. I’m coming up with the ideas for it and I’m scared reading the script! [Episode 6] connects with the earlier series really well. It’s not like this is coming out of the blue. It’s a way to wrap up a lot of the questions. Fans of the earlier seasons will really like it. There’s a lot of science in it and the science is very scary.”

Simon went on to pump up the episode more by saying she had “outdone herself” with the concept. Fans will need to wait until January 24 to find out how the revival plays out.

What do you think? Will you watch the return of The X-Files on Fox?

[Photo credit: The X-Files Fox via Instagram]