Brian Price Hospitalized Following Death Of Sister

Brian Price was hospitalized for three days, following the death of his sister in a hit-and-run car accident.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Price, 23, looked up to his sister. He stated on Friday that:

“Yeah, she was like my personal cheerleader, like my No. 1 fan. She would be there every day, especially after every game. Win, lose or draw, she was like, ‘Go get them next time.'”

The Tampa Bay defensive tackle, a former UCLA star, has been struggling with his sister’s death, the third sibling he has lost. Both of the 23-year-old’s older brothers in gang related shootings in L.A. before he was 15.

The L.A. Times reports that Chuck Price (no relation), the defensive tackle’s agent, told reporters that:

“He physically broke down. He had a high fever, was dehydrated, and couldn’t hold anything down. That stress just plays a wicked role.”

Brian Price’s sister, Bridget, left behind two sons, 7 and 9, who reportedly look up to the NFL star, and consider him a father-figure. Price reportedly wants to adopt the two boys, whose fathers are not in their lives.

The Tampa Bay player took the boys to their first baseball game the day before Bridget was killed. The Tampa Bay Times reports that Price stated:

“When they got home, she sent me a text and said, ‘I really appreciate you doing that. You’re their father figure. I love you so much. You’ve had such a positive impact.’ It was a real long text and really emotional.”

The NFL player learned of his sister’s accident when he was going through security at the Los Angeles Airport. He was on his way to the hospital when another sister called to tell him that his sister didn’t make it through surgery. He told reporters that:

“It didn’t feel real. I started cussing her out because I didn’t know it was real. I was like, ‘What the hell are you talking about.’ After it happened, it didn’t seem real. It still doesn’t seem real. It hasn’t really hit me. Sometimes it hits me for a couple of minutes. But it still doesn’t feel real.”

Brian Price has seen more tragedy in his life than most people at the age of 23, as Bridget was his third sibling to die young. The Tampa Bay Times reports that he stated:

“When tragedy does strike you, you have to look up to the skies and know that everything happens for a reason. We may not know that reason. I get (mad) just thinking about it, thinking why does this have to happen. But who am I to question God. I’m just a humble servant.”