‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Breakups: Reality Steve Wrong About Season Finale Splits?

The Bachelor in Paradise finale is just days away with five couples rumored to make it to the final rose ceremony. Blogger Reality Steve is certain that the season will end with two of the five couples breaking up, but there is speculation that he is wrong about the outcome of at least one of the couples.

Early on in the season, Reality Steve revealed the names of the ten final contestants who would make it to the season finale paired off as couples. Three couples became exclusive shortly after the premiere (Jade and Tanner, Carly and Kirk, and Tenley and Joshua). Two other couples (Samantha and Nick, Cassandra and Justin) made a love connection during the second-to-last episode.

ABC‘s preview for the two-night finale (September 6 and 7) shows Jade crying over a breakup, convincing some viewers that Steve’s spoilers about Tanner proposing to Jade are completely wrong.

However, the show’s producers may have intentionally edited the preview to make it appear that Jade and Tanner broke up to keep fans wondering what really happens on the Bachelor in Paradise finale.

Steve recently confirmed that Jade and Tanner are still engaged and she has been spending time at his home in Kansas City. So what was Jade crying about and are the spoilers correct?

According to Us Weekly, Carly Waddell is “blindsided” when Kirk DeWindt dumps her before the final overnight dates. Jade, who is close friends with Carly, is rumored to be crying over her friend’s breakup, not her own.

Carly, who seemed confident that she would walk off into the sunset with Kirk, reportedly “runs away mid-conversation in tears” when Kirk tells her it’s over. Us Weekly‘s insider states that Carly is still upset two months after filming ended.

“Carly said she thought she’d found her soul mate and was talking about having babies with him… Kirk totally blindsided her and said he was far from being on the same page.”

Spoilers also indicate that Tenley will break up with Joshua, Nick will stay in a relationship with Samantha, and Justin and Cassandra will leave the show as a couple. Tune in to watch the season finale of Bachelor in Paradise on September 6 and 7 at 8 p.m. on ABC to see if Reality Steve’s spoilers are correct once again.

[Image: ABC]