Harry Styles’ Mum Is Livid With The Woman Who Threw A Red Bull Can At Her Son

One Direction front-man Harry Styles may have forgiven the young woman who threw a bottle at him to get his attention during a concert on Tuesday night, but the singer’s mother is having none of it.

According to 9 News, Harry Styles was hit with a Red Bull can filled with water during a performance in Philadelphia on Tuesday night. It is not uncommon for concert-goers to throw empty cans and bottles at celebrities to get their attention, but on this particular occasion, Harry was hit right in his face with a can full of water. In the aftermath of the incident, Styles’ livid mum, Anne Twist, re-tweeted a fan video of the incident, asking the offender to own up to her action.


Surprisingly, a few hours after this tweet was sent out, a young woman by the name Hanna owned up to being the culprit, but she tried to justify her actions by pointing out that she was merely trying to get Harry’s attention.

“I accidentally hit him in the face and he doesn’t even notice me (crying emoji) what a waste.”

But Styles’ mother was not pleased. Though she belatedly accepted the young fan’s apology, she tweeted out a piece of her mind too.


Later, however, the young woman was bullied by Harry Styles’ followers on Twitter. Though she repeatedly accepted her mistake, Hanna had involuntarily garnered too much unwanted attention for her own good. She wrote out the following message apologizing for her mistake.

“As I’ve said so many times, I’m truly sorry. I apologise to Harry and his family for doing such a ridiculous and stupid thing … I love Harry with all my heard and I promise you I feel so bad. I’m sure Harry doesn’t want his fans to tell someone that they should die, not even after what I did.”

We are sure this is not the sort of attention Hanna was seeking when she hit Harry with the can. Finally, Harry Styles’ mother came to the woman’s rescue, asking the people who were bullying her to please stop targeting the young woman.


Now, the young Hanna, fearing an unwanted overexposure to online media, has deleted her tweets. However, she did tweet one last message for all fans who sometimes go overboard in an attempt to seek attention.

“I hope you all realize now that you shouldn’t throw something on stage as it can injure them badly. Don’t make the mistake I did.”

It seems all is well with the Styles’ family, too — now. Harry Styles sent out a message to his Philadelphia fans on Twitter, thanking them for turning up for his concert. There was a subtle message for Hanna too.


That completes a full circle, both for Hanna and Harry.

You can watch the moment Harry Styles got hit in face in the video below.

[Photo by Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images]